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Resize widgets with launcher pro?Support

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  1. Kelby232

    Kelby232 Well-Known Member

    So I just installed launcher pro and installed my cuztomized docks but now I cant resize my widgets?

    I want to resize my quick contacts but it will not let me do it. I cant even resize any of my widgets.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..ty

  2. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Well-Known Member

    Currently it cannot resize resizeable widgets. A future update may fix this. This is my only complaint with LauncherPro, as I LOVE the quick contact widget Motorola has included with the Droid X.
  3. Kelby232

    Kelby232 Well-Known Member

    I was afraid of this.

    Thank you for the quick reply. The quick contact widget when placed does have two options below for the user to add. How come I can not add a default task to these options? It says I need to resize to add more tasks. It does show two available slots however.
  4. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Well-Known Member

    I think the widget is confused and thinks it needs to be made bigger. I have the same problem on mine.
  5. Kaleb Randleaxe

    Kaleb Randleaxe Well-Known Member

    The quick contact widget does not properly function with Launcher Pro. You can place the widget on your home screen, but it won't let you add quick call/message options to it.
  6. john_ecko

    john_ecko Well-Known Member

    Such a tease....
  7. gadgetmom88

    gadgetmom88 Well-Known Member

    I just picked up the newest version of ADW Launcher and it allows you to resize most all the Widgets. It doesn't work the same way Motorola's home screen does - instead, when you select the widget and configure it, you are asked how many columns and rows you'd like it to take up on the screen.
  8. Kelby232

    Kelby232 Well-Known Member

    What is adw? I have customized icons so if I got rid of launcher pro and got adw would I be able to keep them?
  9. gadgetmom88

    gadgetmom88 Well-Known Member

    ADW is another alternate launcher. Many people like it as much or more than LauncherPro. Every launcher I've used allows you to keep custom icons if you make them in BetterCut.

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