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  1. milksnatcher

    milksnatcher Member

    Im on a non rooted HTC one and for whatever reason whenever I restart my phone when it's plugged in, It boots into landscape mode. Does anyone either have the same problem or a solution?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    need to ask questions...

    has this always happened from day one of purchase?

    if not, did it happen prior to an install of an app or uninstall?

    Do you have an MHL adapter or Media link attached to the phone?

    does this happen with a different usb cable?

    different computer if plugged into usb port?

    if you plug it into the wall does this issue occur?

    if you unplug it does it go back to portrait?

    does it start in the homescreen? or some other screen?

    do you use blinkfeed?

    what carrier?

    these questions will help get us all on the same page...
  3. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    To add to marctronixx questions, are you using the stock interface (SENSE w/BLINKFEED) or, an aftermarket interface (launcher) such as APEX/NOVA/HOLO Launcher?

    My curiosity is piqued, as others probably are as well, if you're seeing the stock interface displayed in the horizontal orientation, as normally, stock SENSE/BLINKFEED is a portrait only orientation.
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  4. milksnatcher

    milksnatcher Member

    It has started recently,
    I use nova launcher prime, but it actually starts during widgetlocker, but it affects all apps, I don't think I have an video adapter, it occurs when its in the wall, on my ihome, and computer, it does go back when I unplug it, and att. I don't know if it is an app problem, I'll try backing up and restoring my phone if all else fails
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  5. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    suggest to remove the launcher and widgets and test. or maybe the launcher and/or widget needs to simply be reinstalled.

    could be just the right ingredients on your phone that caused this to happen--low memory, a glitch in the system, maybe some other app that is running could be interfering--lots of factors, and usually good troubleshooting comes when one removes an app or two one by one and test.

    worse case you factory reset and that is almost a guarantee that your phone will be back to normal, however if you just blindly do a factory restore w/o troubleshooting, you risk putting the rogue app(s) back on board and your problems could come back again.

    keep the class posted...
  6. milksnatcher

    milksnatcher Member

    I've gotten rid of the launcher and widget locker, I've restarted it one and haven't had the problem. I'll test it again later


    Unfortunately, I got rid of both widgetlocker and nova launcher and it has been running fine. Thank you all for your support
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