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  1. knockavullig

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    I'm wondering about the ability of the HTC One to connect to Bluetooth Smart devices. I have a HTC One which I have recently updated to Android 4.3 - software version

    It seems unable to see my Polar H6 Bluetooth heart rate sensor. If I install the app "BLE Heart Rate Monitor" from Play then the heart rate monitor is visible and works fine within the app. Outside of that app, however, it remains invisible.

    Is there something I can do to enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality on the phone in general?

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  2. marctronixx

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    Bluetooth Low Energy is something that is cooked in the OS and under stock configuration, the end user cant adjust this. it is possible to root the device and in that way one may gain some control over things such as this, but it its out of the box state, nothing you can really do.

    4.4 is here for some carriers, so depending on your carrier you should be getting 4.4 soon. perhaps then the functionality you are looking for may be better compatible with your BT device.

    EDIT: here: http://www.polar.com/us-en/support/compatibility_of_polar_h6_h7_heart_rate_sensor

    the HTC One is not listed. Is this similar to the model polar product you are using at the moment? or is it entirely different?

  3. knockavullig

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    Thanks for that.

    It would appear as if the app is the driver for BLE functionality since, co-incidentally, Endomondo have just updated their Android app to include BLE connectivity and my HTC One now connects perfectly to the Polar H6 HRM using either the BLE Heart Rate Monitor app or the Endomondo app (premium version anyway as this is what I have installed). Since Endomondo was what I was trying to connect to I'm now happy.
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