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[Resolved] Image of USB Debugging Icon (Power Toggles App involved)Support

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  1. garysolo

    garysolo Member

    He just showed up unannounced in the left corner of my notifications. Anyone know where he comes from?


  2. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Well-Known Member

    See screenshot below :)

  3. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    does it show when you are conected to the pc? or does it show randomly?
  4. garysolo

    garysolo Member

    I've not connected to my pc at all. It just popped up yesterday. I do have USB debugging unchecked (it never was checked) but the little bugger just stays up there.
  5. garysolo

    garysolo Member

    Ughhh! I found the culprit. It's my Power Toggles app which has a number of different icons showing it's active in the notification bar. Usually a gear icon it must have changed somehow on the last update last week. I got another update yesterday and happened to look at the settings and there it was-the little android guy as an option. I changed this to transparent and suddenly my screen is back to normal. Thanks to all who helped me with this.

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