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[Resolved] Notification Bar shows "00000" where carrier name should beSupport

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  1. metalPIX

    metalPIX Member

    At the top of my screen I now have 00000 showing. Sure it was not there a few days ago. When I pull down to show the Notification screen it is there at the bottom of the screen... ie: in the header.

    What is this telling me?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    post a screengrab...


    are you rooted?
    what carrier?
    did you install or uninstall any apps?
  3. metalPIX

    metalPIX Member

    1) No
    2) Orange (EE)
    3) Some


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  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    that is not something I have seen. wonder if its something specific with your model and carrier's firmware.

    In regards to adding/removing apps, did this show up just AFTER an app install/uninstall?

    did you edit or alter your wallpaper? what happens if you change the background wallpaper? do those numbers go away or do they show up even if you change the wallpaper/background image?

    EDIT: you know what should be there? your carriers name should be there!

    have you played around with your phones internal programming at all? the "## codes" that one enters on the dial pad?
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  5. metalPIX

    metalPIX Member

    Arrgh!! I seem to recall it said "EE" (Orange)

    I have not played with any of the internals at all but noticed the phone had gone strangely quiet yesterday.

    I will give it a reboot and see what that does....


    LOL... Reboot was not the normal... no power off menu but eventually (holding the power button in for a longer than normal time) she rebooted.

    EE now shows and she is now dragging in the emails. Talk about wood for trees?

    No idea what caused it but that explains why I was not getting any emails yesterday...

    I will keep an eye on it!


    EDIT :

    Well... This has re-occured several times now. Power off and back on seems to fix it, but I'm still not sure what the actual cause is.

    Could be carrier but is there any way to prove that or is it a faulty phone?

    I'm on EE (uk) or Orange as it used to be. Anyone else had this happen?
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  6. Amicitia

    Amicitia New Member

    Hey metalPix,

    I've had exactly the same problem with my HTC One and I'm on EE UK as well. My phone originates from Carphone Warehouse so it doesn't have any of the silly apps the networks put on the locked devices they provide so I'm pretty sure it's not a result of one of those. However, I can't be certain either whether it's faulty phone or network related at this point. I haven't changed anything on my phone recently to have caused this so I'm tempted to go with network issues. Ever since they launched 4G, EE has been having all sorts of issues so I wouldn't be surprised if this is just an issue with the phone having difficulties retrieving generic information from the provider. Your trick with resetting the phone worked on mine and it hasn't re-appeared since. Haven't had any issues with my 4G connection though so not sure if it has affected anything else.

    My devise isn't rooted either, just in case anyone is curious in regards to that. So not an issue arising from that.
  7. metalPIX

    metalPIX Member

    It's happened a few more times now.... usually at night, so I get the 0000 in the morning (periodically)

    Done the sellotape thing with the sim card but with 2 layers it aint cured it. Will try 3.

    As you say, this could be EE's end though
  8. tommo47

    tommo47 Well-Known Member Contributor

    0s replaced EE on my One this morning but I also had a notification of no mobile data due to Roaming with 2 bars signal strength with R above, so clearly an EE network problem.

    I am in a weak signal area at home but in the three weeks I've had the One this is the first time the 0s have appeared and anything other than greyed out signal bars with X above.

    A restart cleared it.

  9. cluskie

    cluskie New Member

    i get this when i go into a poor coverage area.

    usually clears when decent signal comes back or a restart or toggling airplane mode tend to sort it

    Ive got a HTC One on EE in the UK
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  10. metalPIX

    metalPIX Member

    I'm the OP and since the recent update I so have not noticed it happen. Fingers crossed!
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