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  1. joxter3

    joxter3 Member

    I know this is a group message from I-phones, and last Monday I didn't have to download them, I could just read them... (I get them from our pool team on Mondays).

    Last night they said 'download' but when I click download, it just says downloading, but never does, just sits there saying downloading, (tried one for 10 minutes) they are still on my phone, unreadable??


  2. joxter3

    joxter3 Member

    I found that mobile data was set to off, operator error most lkely... -> settings; data usage; mobile data = on!

    thanks, Rich
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  3. zbook

    zbook New Member

    same problem
    in settings, wireless & network settings, mobile networks, have Data Enabled checked but still have the same problem.
    Can anyone point me in a direction?
  4. joxter3

    joxter3 Member

    I find that the S3 needs restarting every week or so. Latest problem was backup plus not running. restarted phone, next night it backed up.

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