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  1. hustlajustin

    hustlajustin New Member

    I just got my HTC One, 32gb Sprint, Wednesday and it is already acting crazy, the screen keeps selecting things as if I were tapping them over and over, seems like it is tapping things in the center of the screen, I have turned it off, restarted it, and I cant seem to find anything about this issue online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Do you have a screen protector or case on the device?
  3. rm3482

    rm3482 Member

    Sometimes sweat or smudges can make the screen act up too. Just cleaning it off good can make a huge difference!
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  4. hustlajustin

    hustlajustin New Member

    No screen protector or case. I've cleaned it several times with cotton cloths and made sure no lint was left over. If I cant figure this out I will heading to a sprint store tomorrow and see what they say.

    EDIT: FOLLOW-UP: None of the techs at any of the stores could figure out why the phone was doing what it was doing, they said it was most likely a "manufacturers defect" so I got a new one.
  5. Thors

    Thors New Member

    As the title says my HTC ONE went all wierd on me this morning, more like through a wobbly, it was turning the internet off and on, it was typing texts by its self, I could not do anything with it, when the screen locked it would not unlock, when on a web page it would automaticly zoom in and out and move the page around by its self. I installed that snapdragon battery app lastnight, thinking it was that I managed to uninstall it, it was fine for a while but then thats when it started typing by itself with whatsapp, in the end I managed to shut the phone down fully then restart it after about 30 mins and fingers crossed everything seems fine for now, was just wandering if anybody had any ideas , it was like a poltegeist had possesed my phone lol...
  6. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    The Android "poltergeist" is most often a widget or app, and its associated services not playing nice with stock system services. The results can be as benign as fast battery drain or system slow downs, to as crazy as the things you describe.

    A factory data reset resolves it, if in fact that is the issue. Backing up apps and widgets then importing them after the reset often reinstates the issues.. so it's best to really start over by installing from Play Store one at a time, testing for a day or so, then installing another app/widget. Very time consuming, but also very well worth it most often. :)
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  7. Thors

    Thors New Member

    Ok so its defo not an app as i have none installed after a second reset, it threw another wobbly today, it was accessing my photos then turning the camera on and taking photos randomly then opening my messages and typing garbage randomly, think the phone will have to go back, and the lock screen thing is annoying me now as if i get a message I cant use the message icon as the shortcut, even when i get a call i cant use the green phone icon to answer, just done the 4.2.2 update as well, still no change, cant unlock my phone using the icons, if i swipe the icon really quick it will unlock but to try it normally it wont unlock, I have to use the screen to unlock...So off back to the carphonewarehouse were I got it from and see what they say.....


    So alls I can say is the service at carphone warehouse is second to none, took it back this morning and explained the problem to them, as I had only had the phone 3 weeks they changed it for a brand new one no arguments, very nice staff the way it should be, couldnt be a happier bunny!!!!!

    STEVEN-H Well-Known Member

    My HTC One has stopped recognizing input at the top of the touch screen. I can not pull the bar down at all now. Store said they have never seen this problem in a HTC One before and ordered my a replacement under my insurance plan. Just my luck to be first!
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