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  1. TON80D710

    TON80D710 Member

    When I synch my phone calendar to Outlook 2007 using My Phone Explorer, all event times on the phone calendar end up 1 hour later. I am in Arizona so the time never changes. I have the phones calendar "Select Time Zone" setting to (GMT -7:00) Arizona and the "Lock Time Zone" on. On the main phone settings for Date and Time I unchecked the Automatic option and in the "Select Time Zone" I chose the Arizona option but the phone displays GMT-07:00, Mountain Standard Time. I can't get the phone setting to display Arizona. Are there any other settings to control DST?

  2. AlkiDweller

    AlkiDweller Well-Known Member

    You could turn off "Automatic" in the date and time settings.
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  3. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    Are you having this problem only with the calendar sync, or with the actual time display on the phone as well? I ask this because I live in Az as well, and my Epic Touch is displaying the correct time.
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  4. TON80D710

    TON80D710 Member

    The time is displayed correctly. I went ahead and deleted all events from my phone calendar and resync'd to Outlook via My Phone Explorer and all events are now showing up correctly. Maybe just a glitch from messing around with the settings. If the problem comes back, I'll update. Thanks for the replies.

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