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Rest wifi problem

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  1. pedjasmek

    pedjasmek Member

    I am accessing a restful web service in my Android app.The service is runned on my home computer on a Tomcat server.When I use my office wifi connection it won't connect to the service and it works perfectly via mobile internet.I can acces other web sites using the same wifi connection.Can comeone help me?Thanks

  2. dlhavema

    dlhavema Well-Known Member

    one word for you: logging. Logging is very very important. it can do wonders for debugging an issue like this.

    Let me make sure i understand your "my office" is not connected to teh same WIFI network as "my home computer" right? like the one is in another building ( at work ) and the other is at your home?
  3. pedjasmek

    pedjasmek Member

    I will listen to your advice and see what the log output will be.

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