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  1. rcube9

    rcube9 New Member

    I have samsung galaxy 5, and i have installed many applications that means less than 20 app.
    But some times, it just restarting my phone:mad:, atleast per day 2-5 times it happens, if any one found the same problem or if any one find the solution, please let me know.

    Help me!...

    Thanks in Advanve...:)

  2. firebonez

    firebonez New Member

    Hey buddy!! I too am faced with the same problemo!!

    I have like 30 odd apps installed and this happens especially when I'm playing Angry Birds!!

    So I guess the system just reboots when memory is depleted!!

    Folks are there any solutions to this!! Will Froyo solve this glitch?? (Install apps to SD card??)

    Oh BTW, I'm unrooted!!
  3. shoebshaikh

    shoebshaikh Member

    Even i am facing this issue... I dnt hv that much apps installed 8-9 apps approx.. donno why it reboots on itself... any has to add to this?

    While playing angry birds.. the screen flickers with some colours.. not sure if any else is also having this problem too ..
  4. dhanjal

    dhanjal New Member

    I bought it on 5th, i am also facing the same problem. It shows wrong battery level while charging and restarts when the charge reaches 90%, it also restarts without any reason. Hope Froyo will solve these problems. Anybody has news on when it is releasing for galaxy 5

  5. Did you end up finding a solution??? I have the Samsung Mesmerize and I'm having the same problem. I'm on my 3rd phone in a week and they are telling they have never heard of this problem before.
  6. varun.k

    varun.k Active Member

    I had the same problem, it would restart on its own once a day. I upgraded to froyo and it stopped restarting.
  7. jinu

    jinu Member

    hai varun....from where did u get the froyo update....i would also like to get the update...but dont know from where???????????
  8. WanaGo

    WanaGo New Member


    My wife has the same problem with her phone. GT-I5503T.
    It just restarts at random, a couple of times a day. It can just be sitting on the table not being uses, and you hear it restart. Or it can be part way through a phone call or playing a game.

    I have the same phone but upgraded my firmware to a USA based 2.2 Froyo, and I have never had this problem. I didnt have the problem in 2.1 however. I dont want to upgrade her phone to 2.2 yet as it is not an offical update for our country yet. It may just be some of these phones have issues and they need replacing, rather than a software issue.

    If anyone has this issue and has upgraded to 2.2 and the issue go away, please let me know!

  9. kalpesh212

    kalpesh212 New Member

    hi varun from where you get froyo
  10. shanu

    shanu New Member

    hello guys im shanu.. im hving galaxy 3/apollo im hvin d same problem of restarting again ..!! whilw doin nywork or watching video or anyother thin my fone get restart .. do u gys hv any solution?? plz inform me ..
  11. europadroid

    europadroid Well-Known Member

    People earlier in thread mention issue whilst playing Angry Birds. My phone freezes when playing this game, it didn't use to. Never had the restarting issue though (on GT i5500)
  12. chandrashekhar

    chandrashekhar New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am facing same problem in my galaxy 5 mobile. I dont have any other applications installed mannually in this mobile.

    Mobile automatically getting restarted every day. Sometimes more often in a day. Also If I opened 2-3 application simultaneously then it Will restart automatically.

    Many times while browsing the internet, the browser automatically closes.

    Sometimes when its locked the display won't come back and had to remove battery and restart again.

    The battery life is very bad. I charge it for around 4-5 hours. But battery last for 4 hours without using heavily. Once the battery charged mobile getting heated up.
    After a single call mobile gettin heated up.
    During power fluctuate mobile gets restarted by itself.

    Not sure this problem exist for every one. I need to go back to service centre again.

    I had visited Samsung Service centre and they re-installed software but the problem still exists.

    Let me know if anyone got fixed this issue.


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