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restetting google mail appSupport

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  1. Burnsie

    Burnsie Active Member


    I used the pre-installed Google mail app to set up an Google mail account. However, turns out I made a spelling mistake (etc) in my user name. I now have created (via the web) a different gmail account.

    Is there anyway of accessing this on my phone by changing the details loaded into my Google Mail app?

    IO have tried clearing the GM's app memory/cache, and don

  2. Grospolina

    Grospolina Member

  3. newlash09

    newlash09 New Member

    Hi ! you can go to 'settings', then select 'applications', then select 'manage applications', go to 'google mail', and finally click 'clear data'. After having done, above steps, your previous gmail account will be wiped out from the system. And now, you can input your new address.

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