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Restore a nandroid backup if cant boot into the OS

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  1. spiderplant0

    spiderplant0 Member

    I want to mess about with my phone. But first I want to be sure I can recover if the worst should happen.

    I've flashed the CWM recovery partition and created a nandroid backup. I know you can recover by selecting 'boot into recovery' in CWM's Rom Manager, however if I'm unable to boot into the OS, is there an alternative way to restore to a saved nandroid backup? (I believe my phone does not have a way of booting into recovery mode just by holding certain buttons while switching it on). E.g. can I use Odin to do this? (I couldnt find any links.)

    Samsung Galaxy i5500

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I don't own your phone but I did a little research in an effort to get you an answer.

    I'm assuming you already used Odin to flash cwm? If so, you already know the procedure to redo that but if you get into a bootloop scenario, go to download mode:

    press and hold (in the following order)...volume down + center button (not home button) + power button.

    Then reflash cwm. Afterward it'll boot to the cwm menu which will allow you to apply a nandroid as the files to restore it should still be located on the sdcard.

    Hopefully, during normal situations (not bootlooping), you would either be running a rom that has additional reboot options where you can select recovery as the desired boot location or you'd have usb debugging enabled and you could use adb to run the adb reboot recovery command to access in sort of a backdoor fashion (if rooted but still on stock rom without extra reboot options).

    Hope that helps. :)
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  3. spiderplant0

    spiderplant0 Member

    Thanks iowabowtech
    I had forgotten that the recovery menu comes up when after using Odin.

    (Unfortunately when I did a restore of the phone it will now not boot up, buts thats another issue.)

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