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  1. buckie33

    buckie33 Member

    backed up my phone (x10) and then updated to 2.1. I thenn restored the data and everything was restored (apps ect) but not contacts, the main thing i wanted to restore, I keep going back to restore the phone and it keeps saything that the contacts have been restored, but they havnt.

    Can anyone help out!?!?!?!?

  2. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Well-Known Member

    Open your contact list (which may be nearly empty) and hit the menu buton. Choose "Import Contacts" and then try either of those options (SIM / Memory Card). A friend and I recently updated and found that the "Backup & Restore" app is anything but reliable. Especially in the areas it should be flawless... such as contacts.
  3. D3sRtH4mmR

    D3sRtH4mmR Well-Known Member

    Correct. You need to import from Contacts:
    Phone-Contacts-Menu-Import Contacts-Memory Card.

    The file is called PIMXXXXX.vcf where XXXX is the backup number, eg PIM00004.vcf.

    Search your SD card first for the vcf file. it should be under sd/system/PIM
  4. shobana

    shobana New Member

    hey, did you get back the contacts?? :((
    even i have the same issue..!!!! :((
    all other than contacts have been imported back to phone from backup and restore after updating my phone to android 2.1 :((
    please.. someone do the help..............!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|
  5. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    The backup and restore app doesn't back up contacts that have been synced so have a look at your google mail account online to see if they are there or possibly on SE sync.

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