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  1. So I bought this HD2 that has Froyo 2.2.1 installed and I really love the phone. Super fast, but a bit heavy for my liking. I mainly use it as a tablet around the house on my wifi, I have a Vibrant as my main phone. So I have been offered a trade for my HD2 but need to restore it before I get rid of it. Now My question is if I restore it, will it boot back to the Froyo that's on it? It has Core Droid hd vi.7 on the sd card. It is set to boot from the sd card. I'm afraid of bricking it. I'm not at all into rooting, flashing. I have no idea what I am doing. :eek: When I look at the phone identity it comes up as Desire HD A9191. Is there a safe way for me to get rid of all my personal info on the phone and keep the Froyo in tact? Thanks in advance, Jeff

  2. WOW, 86 views and no reply's? Someone has to have an idea for me. Please....
  3. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    There are three methods I believe you can use to wipe data from an HD2 running NAN Android (meaning that WM6.5 is gone entirely and Android is the one and only OS):

    1. Boot into MAGLDR and then drop into recovery. This assumes of course that you (or whoever rooted it) installed ClockworkMod recovery. From there you can wipe your data partition, cache, and dalvik cache. The next time the phone boots up it will act as if it was the first time Android ever booted up. If you didn't then this isn't a viable option for you (unless you want to install it).

    2. I have never tried this personally (don't even own an HD2) but I was told in another thread that booted into MAGLDR (press and hold power button until you get the black/white MAGLDR screen), and then select "AD HardReset".


    3. You simply flash a new ROM over to the phone.

    If you are booting from the sd card it sounds like you might not be using NAND Android? When you restart the phone does it boot into Windows first (and then you run something like haret.exe or whatever to boot into Android), or does it boot directly into Android?

    Also, when you say restore it, are you trading it back to T-Mobile? If so you'll need Windows on there and I think the easiest thing to do is to simply download the WM6.5 image from tmobile.com and then run the program. It will just wipe it and reinstall Windows.

    For more information just ask, though you might want to take a look at a few of the threads that I have posted in for more information. Here are some of the most useful ones:


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  4. Thank you for the info. I did dig around some of the previous threads on the Hd2 and found the 2 links you provided. The Core droid is booting from the sd card. And I have the .rar file on my computer if I needed to re install. I am trading the phone to a friend not back to t Mobile. I think I'll be ok if I follow the steps you provided. Again, much appreciated.
  5. So now it's giving me another strange problem, I did restore the Froyo on my HD2 and all my personal info is gone, Just what I wanted. However I can't seem to get my keyboard to open. I have tried long pressing in the text box and nothing. Any ideas?

    I have found that it shows Gingerbread keyboard. ????
  6. OK now this is really strange. I put the Core droid os on an sd card and restarted the phone. All my info is back. Like I never restored it. OK I'm stumped, just when I thought I was figuring this out. HELP! Thank you.

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