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Restore phone apps and dataSupport

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  1. shagnscooby

    shagnscooby Member

    Do people normally backup their phone apps and data and restore to their tablet? Is there any issue doing that? For purposes of games like angry birds that you have to start all over, things like that.

  2. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    I believe you would want to avoid doing this, but if you must try, you could use Titanium Backup and just restore the app and not the data.
    Otherwise, when I switch OS's or devices I use the app store and scroll over to "All" and install them each through there. It's pretty quick on a good device and you wont have any problems. Consider it an opportunity to play all those boards again :)
  3. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    Just the opposite.

    You should generally never install apps from Titanium Backup, only data. That's for different devices. One the same device, you can do a APP+DATA restore. I've never had an issue with doing a Data only restore. But it's EXTREMELY important to not restore any system data. Only restore data for the apps that you need.

    So if you want you Angry Birds scores, then you'd have to backup on the phone, and then restore DATA ONLY to the tablet. The one fly in the ointment is Titanium Backup only works on Rooted devices. So you'd have to root both devices.

    There are other programs. Mybackup Pro and AstroFile manager will make backups of your apps, unrooted. But I don't think any will include data w/o root.

    IMHO, this is a big issue with Android in general. You should be able to backup data, even to Google's servers. But right now, I don't there is a way to do it unrooted, short of using the SDK.
  4. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    I have restored just apps across phones and ROMs many times. I agree with the system app and data being a no no, but I've had nothing but problems when restoring data.

    Also good to be aware that if you have different android versions, you will likely be trying to install incompatible apps. They sometimes have different versions for gingerbread vs ICS etc.
  5. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    Very true, which is why app restore is not the best idea. It also has issues with the app not showing up in your Google dashboard sometimes, even though it still updates through the Play store.

    I wouldn't recommend restoring data to everything. But I've never had an issue with all the games I use. And it's easy to clear data if you run into a problem.

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