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  1. shaijuthomas

    shaijuthomas New Member


    I backed up all text messages on Samsung Wave II on SD. It was saved in .vmg format. Now I would like to restore them from SD to Samsung I9003. Any app that will help?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. shkamranm

    shkamranm New Member

    I have the same problem, I have backed up all my imp. sms from Samsung chat 3353 in .vmg format and now i have samsung galaxy young s5360 and i don't know how to restore them again.
    I have heard ABC Nokia can convert .vmg to xml and smsbackup & restore from market can convert/restore .xml into sms again. but ABC Nokia is not working properly.

    Further more, other set can set default ringtone from SD card by copying it into phone first but in my galaxy there is no option to set default ringtone of my choice.

    Samsung is good but not the best :(

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