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  1. DrewMove

    DrewMove Member

    Hi Folks

    I have a micro SD card from the previous phone.
    In this phone we have the internal and external memory.

    Whatsapp stores the new messages to \Whatsapp internal memory.

    I was wondering:
    - how can we save the new messages to \external_memory\whatsapp instead of using internal memory. I mean no backup, but just using the external memory.
    - how can I reload the old messages stored on the external memory card so that I can view them in Whatsapp again.

    A big thx.

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    These are the steps I found for restoring:

    ― Delete and reinstall WhatsApp

    ― Click yes when prompted to restore your message history

    ― Your missing chats should appear in WhatsApp!
  3. galinaperez

    galinaperez New Member

    If you've accidentally deleted or lost one or more WhatsApp chats on your Android phone, there's no need to worry-it’s relatively easy to restore your chat history! Just use a third-party tool, Android Data Recovery. It can restore WhatsApp messages from Android phones directly and the steps are simple.
  4. techcloud7

    techcloud7 New Member

    thanks for sharinf this amazing tips man

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