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  1. ishaan666

    ishaan666 Member

    so I was having lots of problems with my s2, so I decided to go for a complete factory reset and also wiped out the usb storage.
    I did make a backup file via kies, and restoring it got me back all the stuff that's important, however, the one big issue I'm facing now is the images that are restored to my phone are all 800x480 resolution, and that too including the black edges.
    any way I can get my original 8mp images back??

  2. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

    You should be able to navigate to the backup folder created by kies, when you run a restore it creates a temp file for the extracted data located around:

    C:\Users\{LogonName}\Documents\samsung\Kies\sbu\te mp\{NumberID}\{Files Extracted}

    If you try a restore then look for this folder you may be able to get your original images back
  3. ishaan666

    ishaan666 Member

    hey! thanks for the reply.. I found the .sbu backup file, but I can't make out how to proceed further
    could you please tell how do I open the .sbu file?

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