Restoring phone data/contacts/apps from PC to Galaxy Note

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  1. nitin7in

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    Hi there
    I connected my Galaxy Note N7000 to my laptop using the USB cable. I copied the entire phone data and pasted it onto a folder on my laptop. Then I restored the phone to original settings. After this, I copied the entire data from the folder I created on laptop, and pasted this data back onto the phone. Now, this data sits in a folder "Misc" on my phone; it includes contacts and everything. I was thinking if I copy-paste it back from laptop to phone, all files will automatically restore to original condition. But it did not happen. What should I do now?
    Can anyone help me with the above situation please?

  2. palmtree5

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    Hi, welcome to Android Forums! :ciao: If you had a Google account that you were signed into on the device before you reset it, you should be able to just sign in and things (gmail, contacts, calendar) should sync back
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