Restoring rezound after boot loop but can't enter country code

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    Dec 16, 2010
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    Ok so I got home from a vacation trip and half way thru my Rezound started infinite boot looping. I am rooted on stock rom. I had this problem only one other time but almost a year ago and was able to recover. When I got home I did a factory reset (Pwr+Vol Dwn) but at startup it's asking me for NBPCD country code and says location can't be determined. I entered United States followed by 1's in the other fields. Then it force closes the process. I also have noticed the Google Play store is nowhere to be found along with majority of apps. After doing more research I came to find that I could have avoided an attempted reset because i had switched 3G/4G which caused the phone malfunction earlier. I'm very fed up with trying to figure this phone out. so before my anger escalates (breaks phone) can someone please help me in this regard? I have not the slightest idea what else to do here. I'd greatly appreciate it! Oh almost forgot to mention i'm on a Mac.

    How To Fix The HTC Rezound Infinite Boot Loop

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    I've not heard of this before,but the issue and solution make sense. Thanks very much for posting your fix... I'm sure others will benefit :)

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