Return of the flip-clock!

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  1. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    If anyone craves a return to the flipping flip-clock, Kendon over at the MoDaco forum's has brought it back as an - you will need to have a rooted phone with a custom ROM/recovery image, but I can vouch for me that it has worked perfectly without a wipe - and no noticeable slowing down.
    the flipclock - Android @ MoDaCo

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing :)
  3. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering if a lot of 'post-update' owners wonder what the hell I'm talking about?
  4. wuthton

    wuthton Well-Known Member

    I have been flippy flippy all weekend with no noticable effect on performance. Again, no wipe I just applied the .zip.

    It is nice to have the flip clock back. Simple pleasures.
  5. golder

    golder Well-Known Member

    Don't we already have the flip clock? It's No. 3 of 12 under HTC Widgets and includes the weather.
  6. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    I knew it! No - before the rom update, the flip was properly animated, but this was suspected of contributing to lag so was removed. With the old clock you actually see the numbers flipping down.
  7. Bxsteez

    Bxsteez Active Member

    Anyone know if this will work on the Incredible?
  8. Robert Routh

    Robert Routh New Member

    I've been using this site for about 5 minutes (for the first time ever) and already fixed two of my problems. Thank you so much, guys!
  9. Robert Routh

    Robert Routh New Member

    I've been using this site for the first time, for about five minutes, and already fixed two of my problems! Thanks so much for your help guys!

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