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  1. Morning Guys

    I am looking for some help.
    I just purchased a Samsung Note 3 off "EbayUk", which was advertised as unocked sim free (which is was) apparently

    One thing that wasnt mentioned was that this was unlocked from Vodaphone Uk, and i noticed that it had an app installed call {Super SU) which i hadnt heard off, but since found out the phone was rooted, as when i try to get OTA updates, i get the msg "this phone has been modified,updates not available" + also when i go into the Samsung Kies program, it tell me theres an update available, but when i click it, nothing ever happens,other than a loop of selecting the update,agreeing t&c, then a msg about space needed, but even after agreeing to all this, it just goes back to the start of the loop.

    I never root phones as i dont like to have any warranty issues, and always update my phone every year (selling the old one). My question is :

    1 Can i get back to the Samsung Stock rom without any issues (no bloatware etc) so i can get back to OTA updates

    2 Can i get a stock Rom which isnt associated with any Mobile network, IE without the vodaphone branding (as this was initially locked to Vodaphone i assume.

    3.If i can achieve any of the above, would my warranty remain intact

    Thank you for any assistance


  2. deanoman99

    deanoman99 Member

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  3. William T Riker

    William T Riker Well-Known Member

    That link suggests an older version of Odin, current version is 3.09 and you use AP now instead of PDA.

    However the process is still pretty much the same if you want to go back to stock.. download Odin, your stock tar/md5 file for your version of Note 3, which you can find by looking at its build number and model number in settings (make sure its the correct one or you will end up with an expensive paperweight), then put the phone in download mode (Hold Home and Vol Down while powering on) and flash the stock software back on it with Odin
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  4. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Please refer any comments on this thread to the thread pointed out by deanoman99.
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