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Returning to Stock ROM

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  1. Nth

    Nth New Member

    Hi, first post so forgive me if im breaking any rules or anything.

    I rooted my phone and started installing new roms but i couldn't get Wifi Hotspot to work successfully on any of them. Not sure why.
    I am currently running CM7 and i get application errors while trying to a variety of tasks (such as change ringtone, open standard camera app, view media), so i've decided enough is enough and i want to return to the ROM which came on the phone, but maintain S-OFF.

    I bought the phone from Carphone Warehouse. what are my options to return to the Stock Sense ROM?


  2. alekos

    alekos Member

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  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    RUU_Vision_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.5.exe will do the trick and leave you the option of an easier reroot if you decide to try again in the future.

    However, I'd first try booting into recovery, wiping the cache and dalvik-cache, and also choosing to "fix permissions" from the Advanced recovery menu as suggested by alekos. If that doesn't work, try wiping the cache and dalvik-cache again but then this time reflash CM7 - you won't lose settings or data doing this and it should sort out any problems.
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  4. Nth

    Nth New Member

    hi, i want to keep root. i am familiar with installing new ROMs via CWM. is there not a way i can just install the original ROM onto the device like normal?
  5. Nth

    Nth New Member

    just wiped cache and dalvik cache and fixed permissions. made no difference, so did all that again and reinstalled CM7. Still made no difference. really don't know why i'm having so much problems with this considering everyone else manages it. i really need wifi hotspot working, which it hasn't on any ROMs i've tried. Only difference is with the CM7 ROM i'm currently running, which is the official one on their website, i get loads of other errors.

    when i try to open the camera app, i get the error:

    "The application Camera (process com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

    My pictures arn't displaying in gallery. the application "media" does not work, and closes when i try to view pictures. Theres are just a few of my current problems.
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    That's what the RUU update does, installs the stock ROM. You can't keep root - you'll have to reroot the stock ROM.
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  7. Nth

    Nth New Member

    ah i see. ok. so how do i install the RUU update to my phone?

  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Assuming that you have HTC Sync installed on the PC, simply connect the phone with the USB cable and run the program file you downloaded.
  9. jesusdiscs

    jesusdiscs New Member

    Hi, if you flash the stock rom and reroot it, will it still do ota updates from htc as and when they become available? or will it be a case of downloading and flashing new roms?
  10. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    If you root but otherwise leave the firmware as stock then OTA updates will still be available. These will unroot the device however.
  11. MikeSher

    MikeSher New Member

    I recently rooted and now have CM7 with Clockwork on my DZ, but thinking to go back to stock Gingerbread (this is an HTC phone, not carrier branded).
    Do I need to do anything before the above procedure, or does this literally wipe everything off the phone and put it back to stock?

    By the by, does it require the HTC Sync programme or just the USB drivers?

    / Mike

    EDIT: See answer/'solution' in post below.
  12. MikeSher

    MikeSher New Member

    Well, not getting an answer to my question above here or on xda within a few days I just did it. In my case at least no prework was required and the phone appears to be back at stock with the HTC interface (and the wifi and GPS working again).

    It also did not need HTC Sync, just the USB drivers.

    EDIT: Hmm, not quite as stock as expected. It seems to have kept it's S-OFF status (though that may be 'label' S-OFF that I've seen mentioned here and there). Also I did a temp root to remove some bloatware with Titanium, but having rebooted the phone since it still has Superuser available, which suggests the root is still there. Neither is a problem for me - just unexpected.

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