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Reverb Volume Key Starting To FailSupport

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  1. nathanbrand

    nathanbrand Member

    I've had my Reverb for about six weeks. In the last couple of days the volume button has started acting erratically. The major symptom being that I can't turn the volume all the way down. It stops at about 1/4 volume and won't lower any more. I've been able to momentarily fix this by re-starting the phone, and then it works fine for awhile, which makes me think this is not a hardware issue.

    I've checked for software updates for the phone, but there is none.There doesn't appear to be any firmware updates either. Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution?

  2. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    I just called today for a replacement phone. My issue was the volume wouldn't turn up. I'd have it all the way up and hear nothing.
  3. nathanbrand

    nathanbrand Member

    It looks like mine is going back as well. It appears the Reverb just may have an issue with the volume button.

    Bethkay did your phone have that problem from the beginning, or did it develop it over time?

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