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  1. Hunter1

    Hunter1 New Member

    Secure internet at school but the school laptop has WiFi code built in. Does anyone know how to access internet through laptop if possible through Bluetooth?

  2. mode

    mode Active Member

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding ...

    You want your phone to access the internet through your school's (probably filtered) network instead of using your data plan?

    That's what I think when you say reverse tethering. Unless you are referring to bluetooth tethering where you would tether your laptop to your phone using bluetooth, and then go out to the internet through your phone data plan.

    Bluetooth tethering is possible, now whether your school's laptop security settings will allow you to tether is another story entirely...
  3. endolith

    endolith Active Member

    This is what I want. I don't have a data plan, and no Wi-Fi allowed at work, yet my work computer is connected by a wire, and I can tether over USB with Cyanogenmod, so why can't I reverse tether over USB? I need to be able to sync Gmail/Contacts/etc.
  4. indianandroid

    indianandroid New Member

    use reverse tethering using android reverse tethering tool.... you can do it in office (by gaurentee using USB) .... rooting required (use unlock software) ... but not sure if your admin can catch you .... :eek:

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