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Revert my Phone

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  1. TheBackWindow

    TheBackWindow New Member

    Hi all,

    Need some advice please. I have rooted my phone but unlocked it via HTCDev and then using EXT4_Recovery to install a custom Rom as I have HBOOT 2.00.0002. I have no issues in running custom roms and have enjoyed it but I need to send the phone back for repair under warranty so need to revert it back to stock.

    Now comes the issue, I have no idea how to go back to stock. I never planed to go back to stock rom as my phones warranty runs out in 4 weeks and never planned for it to break, lol and all the guides I come across refer to Rev unlocking which I never used. I followed a guide on XDA Developers and its never mentioned anything about making backups/Gold Cards or saving my stock ROM so I didn't, I know very silly but I'm new and just followed what worked.

    Can anyone advise on what I do. Do I re-lock my phone via HTCDev first then install the stock Rom and where can I get a stock rom? I'm from the UK and no my phone was never locked to a provider.

    Hope someone can help as I'm still learning all this and at times learning the hard way, lol.

  2. goofyprince

    goofyprince Member

    I had done the same as you and wanted to downgrade to get proper s-off rather than a warranty issue. I think you need to follow the guide below to get to the point you can flash a stock RUU.

    I used Skanob's guide for the overall process.

    However I could not get the goldcard to work so eventually used attn1's goldcard method. I also used a Kingston 2gb card as i have read than sandisc cards don't work.

    Hope this helps
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  3. TheBackWindow

    TheBackWindow New Member

    Thanks I'll give it a go.

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