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revert to ICS from Jellybean?Support

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  1. center311

    center311 Member

    I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 and I upgraded to Jelly bean recently. I was really excited because I only heard nothing but good things about it. Unfortunately, there are a couple deal breakers for me. First off, in Ice Cream Sandwich I was able to go to settings>sound>auto haptic > then select a particular app and disable the vibrate feature. This was important to me because I have a video player (MX player) that vibrates when in movies, but I can't disable that now because Jelly bean removed this particular function. I guess they want app developers to include vibrate disable themselves, which never happens I've noticed.

    Another thing I've noticed is Steam doesn't push notifications properly. If the screen has been locked for more than a couple minutes. Regardless of what push settings in Steam app it won't push messages to me under this circumstance. I was not having these problems with ICS. I'm kinda an Android noob. Can someone point me in a direction so I can downgrade or revert back to ICS? Or am I out of luck until maybe the next update?:confused:

  2. WAWood8

    WAWood8 Well-Known Member

    You can't downgrade -- unless you root your phone, and then hunt down and install the correct ROM.
  3. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    If you're on the international S3 you should be able to downgrade using Odin and a stock firmware
  4. center311

    center311 Member

    Well at least its possible thanks for the help. I'm just wondering why they got rid of such a vital feature. No one likes having less control of their phones. If I wanted less control I would've bought an iphone.
  5. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    It seems to be an immutable law with programmers everywhere to take the features we all have grown accustomed to using and either hide or remove them in their next 'update'. This happens across all platforms. I think it is a mental disease that programmers contract and spread during their education years in college.

    We need to invent a new word to describe this phenomenon. Instead of UPdate, the release taking all these features away is a DOWNdate, as it places us in reverse, closer to the fantasy walled garden of the great rotten apple pie in the sky. A place where you are only in control of a single button, and have to take what they give you.

    There is a rooted stock version of ICS for Verizon phones (I use it), so maybe there is also one for Sprint. Check out the support section on the XDA developers forum.
  6. mandiIMMR

    mandiIMMR New Member

    I work for the company that built the underlying Auto Haptic feature. The feature is designed to make sure users have control over the Auto Haptic feature so they can only turn it on for apps they want, but it looks like the capability has been eliminated in some carrier's (not all of them) updates to Jelly Bean.

    We've gone ahead and put a simple widget to solve this problem. It doesn't have the richness of settings, but does allow you to turn Auto Haptics on and off (once you download the widget, you need to reboot for it to start to work).

    Please go to Google Play and search for "Auto Haptic Widget", or go to this link:

    I hope it solves your problem in the interim. We've notified Samsung and we expect they will be working with the carriers to provide a handset update that restores the correct user settings soon, but in the meantime this should ensure the feature doesn't cause you any more trouble.

    You can reach us at Immersion through the GooglePlay support.

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