revert to stock for official OTA 2.2

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  1. McChazo

    McChazo Active Member

    ok, sorry, iv read so many threads and im extremely lost right now, i guess i just don't understand all the terminology yet. anyways, this is my setup

    Android 2.2
    Kernal: 2.6.32 Hydra ssuv 05
    build: 3.16.605
    Skyraider 2.5.2 sense
    webkit 3.1

    I had rooted it with unrevoked 3 - unrevoked forever and installed skyraider 2.5.2 - the hydra kernal - and turned S-Off

    im assuming somewhere in there i installed that clockwork recovery thing or whatever also, i have no idea what i did really, but i managed it all somehow

    but now im looking to go back to a clean slate and get the official OTA

    in easy steps a **** can follow, how do i go about doing that? :\

    from what i understand i need to:

    reinstall stock 2.1
    reinstall stock radio 1. something?
    reinstall stock clockwork recov?
    reinstall stock kernal
    does s-off need to go back on?

    sighs :(

  2. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

    y dont u just download the 2.2 RUU, it is EXACTLY the same. no difference.
  3. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

    but if you want to get the official OTA then you r gonna have to go to STOCK everything. it would just be easier for you to just flash the 2.2 RUU and start with a clean phone.
  4. McChazo

    McChazo Active Member

    well that sounds fine also i suppose, is there a specific process for that?

    i really just want the phone completely wiped clean and have 2.2 :\
  5. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

  6. McChazo

    McChazo Active Member

    thanks, and this 2.2 is the same as the official OTA right? so future updates can be OTA, or will that most likely be another obstacle?
  7. kkl1993

    kkl1993 Well-Known Member

    this is the "leaked" official 2.2, but its EXACTLY the same, no difference at all, only difference is that it came out a little earlier before the OFFICIAL OTA, lol. i am 99% you will still get all the OTA's, but if you cant ppl will find a way. there wont be an update for quite a while.
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  8. lafester

    lafester Well-Known Member

    I am "officially" not reading anymore OTA threads.
    Congrats on being the last :)
  9. turbozombie

    turbozombie Well-Known Member

    Hi, I was in the same boat as you. Had a rooted 2.1 with the stock ROM, had to jump through hoops to get the OTA :) First I had to flash the 2.1 stock recovery image, then update the software to something .02, then the OTA came. FWIW, I'm not impressed with 2.2 and plan on rooting again (against my better judgement ;) ) as soon as unrevoked 3.2 is ready.

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