Reverting to stock 2.1 ROM (and preventing upgrade to 2.2)

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  1. olandir

    olandir Member

    When I first bought my incredible, I was ecstatic about how well it performed and everything that it did. Aside from downloading a few apps, I had no desire to augment or root it.

    When the 2.2 ROM came out, I have to admit, I was hesitant about installing it because I figured "why mess with a good thing" but my phone was insistent. Every time I unlocked it, it was telling me to upgrade, so finally I did.

    I've been miserable ever since.

    Apparently this new ROM made the touch screen extra sensitive. So much so that when I hold it (I am LEFT handed) it is constantly thinking I'm touching the home button and responds accordingly. This is because the way I hold it, the thumb side of my hand is near the home button and though it's not pressing it, just being near it, beside it, etc, is enough to trigger it. Even plugging in the phone to charge or link to the computer causes the home button to go crazy.

    In addition to this, the camera, which I was so pleased with and took excellent pictures all the time under any circumstance, has now become sub-par. I don't care about 720dp video, I care about taking great pictures, which my Incredible used to do, but now it has problems with lighting, I'm constantly having to adjust the ISO instead of leaving it at automatic, and whereas it used to do fine with people in motion, now these shots are blurry 100% of the time.

    This has led me to the conclusion that I need to somehow get my phone back to the 2.1 ROM.

    Now, I've searched the forums and I've found two sets of instructions that seem to both be getting me to what I want.

    One is
    How to downgrade and root your DInc from 2.2 |

    The other is
    Unroot - The Incredible List

    Considering I've never rooted my phone at any point and I'm trying to get back to the original 2.1 (unrooted) Incredible ROM that came with my phone, I was wondering which set of instructions is for me (or is there another I have not seen).

    I also wanted to make sure that is the ROM I'm looking for as both reference that same file. I want to make sure this will get me back to the original 2.1 where I want to be.

    My second question is this, once I get back to 2.1, how do I keep my phone from wanting the upgrade? I do not want to go to 2.2 and if I recall, when the prompt came up, I only had the option to "Install Now" or "Install Later"... there was no "Do Not Install" option.

    I would like to go back to 2.1 and STAY THERE without being pestered to upgrade every 5 minutes! :)

    Just so you know, though I've never rooted a phone before, I'm not skittish about this process, I'm a network administrator, I've hacked windows mobile phones before and though this is Linux, I'm confident that given instructions, I can follow them correctly. In addition, I'm not the least bit concerned about the potential of losing all my data or apps or even "bricking" my phone. I know it's a risk and I'm prepared to take it.

    I'd really appreciate any help i can get with these two questions.

  2. DizkoDan

    DizkoDan Well-Known Member

    There is no way for you to be stock 2.1 and stay there without getting nagged for upgrades. If you are deadset on running 2.1, then my advice would be to root, and find a stable 2.1 based ROM to run.
  3. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    I downgraded to 2.1 and rooted. I got the message asking me to upgrade. I said yes and took the upgrade. It failed. Now I am "stuck" at 2.1 and it says I'm up to date. So I basically have achieved what I wanted. I have 2.1 and I've blocked the update.
  4. olandir

    olandir Member

    Alright, well it's a little daunting to think that my only choice is to never upgrade to anything beyond 2.1. However, I'm still willing to consider this.

    The question is, which set of instructions do I need to follow to get these results?

    Are one of the previous links I posted what I need? Or am I still misisng something.
  5. captainm27

    captainm27 Well-Known Member

    This is EXACTLY the results I want. To be honest, I never had any trouble with 2.1. I would love to continue using it. So, all I need to do is Root 2.1, and run the update and let it fail? Cool!

    Now I just have to find a way to successfully downgrade from 2.2. back to 2.1.
  6. olandir

    olandir Member

    Well I followed the guide

    How to downgrade and root your DInc from 2.2 |

    and then

    Howto: Root the HTC Droid Incredible - Technology -

    And I'm back to 2.1 update 1

    My phone is no longer acting crazy... however there is one thing I find interesting. There is no longer a program icon in my list for the "Navigator"... it still exists and is in the phone. The icon is just gone. I'm wondering if the ROM I went back to was slightly older than the ROM that came with my particular phone since I did buy it about a month ago.

    Other than that though, everything seems fine. I haven't been asked to update yet but hopefully like with the previous posts, if it does ask, it will fail spectacularly.

    Edit: Navigation showed up after my next restart. So that's cleared up.
  7. captainm27

    captainm27 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I downgraded to 2.1. So I rooted the phone using Unrevoked3. Is that all I need to do? When the update comes, just let it run and watch it fail and that's it?
  8. olandir

    olandir Member

    I've yet to see the request to update, so I'll let you know if/when it comes.
  9. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    dude just use the new 2.15 radio and some cyanogen and ur gold.
  10. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    cyanogen6.0.2 is soo stable.

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