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  1. smokinmonkey

    smokinmonkey Well-Known Member

    Got this card recently: Kingston Class 4 16GB Micro SDHC card: Computers & Accessories

    installed it today and ran a speed test.

    5MB write speed and 12MB read speed.

    A good step up from the Samsung 4GB "class 2" that came with the phone. I ran a speed test on it and it's write speed was less that 1MB... I wouldn't reccommend anyone to buy a Samsung SD.

    My new Kingston on the other hand is great :) highly recommended card and good price

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  2. HTC desired

    HTC desired Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info :) !!!!!
    Sounds great
  3. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

    +1 Just bought one of these

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