[Review] iloome - Note 3 ScreenMate Real Tempered Glass 9H Hardness Screen Protector with OleophobicTips

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    The odd thing about this is you cannot find this on their website by looking it up by phone model. You have to search for the Note 3 in the search box, odd but I'm glad I did!

    You can find the product here Just make sure you select Note 3 as the model.

    Rounded Corners
    Smooth Surface & Anti-oil coating
    9H hardness
    Button Sticker
    Easy to install (kinda)
    Looks great
    Does not interfere with touch or S-Pen use
    Fast shipping

    The price is on the lower end for this kind of protection, so that is good. The rounded corners at the edges are nice and feel normal. I have used other glass in the past and have a sharp edge, even on a thin protector gets annoying. The glass is very smooth and nice to the touch, plus the Oleophobic coating works great. I have had this for 2 days and barely notice finger prints, and if I do, they are easy to wipe off.

    When I had my Note 2, I cracked the screen, even with my Defender Otterbox, I'm happy to know that wont happen again. Knowing this has a 9H hardness, means I can just wipe off the screen with any cloth laying around and it should not scratch.

    I have a lot of experence installing protectors and this was an easy one. I 1st cleaned the screen with scotch tape, then wiped it off 5-6 more times. With the dust out of the way, this installed very quickly. I still had 2 pieces of dust (the included dust removal stickers worked great), but it came out perfect. At 1st there was 3 spots that looked like there was air under there, but that cleared out within a hour. Now it looks great and my screen is crystal clear!

    I tried for quite some time to see how the finger input worked, and I don;t notice a difference between the screen being naked or having this installed, so I am beyond happy there. Plus when I tested the S-Pen, I found it is still fully 100% functional (pressure input and all using S-Note...)

    Not 100% edge to edge
    It is thick
    The home button sticker is a bump

    The screen protector is about 1-2 mm thinner and shorter than the screen, so even when placed perfectly, there is still a small gap around the edges. This is a con just because of finish and if I was not using a case, HOWEVER this is a really more of a pro because I use a TPU case. The case sits nicely against the edge of the glass instead of on top of it and really finishes the look nicely. Also not really bad, as this is part of the design, but this baby is thick, so think that you need a raised sticker to go on the home button. But with the TPU case in place, I don't even notice. Last is the home button sticker, the one they send is raised and rounded, it is not that bad and is a perfect fit, but I would have preferred a flat top instead. Of well, that is an easy fix as there are many companies that offer really cheep home button stickers that will finish the look I want. These are not that bad and I'm sure you will get this with any screen protector.

    Overall, this is a great screen protector that looks good. I fully recommend it to anyone looking!

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    Oct 21, 2013
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    I have read nothing but great things about this screen saver. Watching the video on Utube convinced me, it was hit with a hammer and protected the screen underneath.
    I ordered the Iloom 8H a little early before the 9H was available on Amazon. I'm very pleased with it so far. Won't take the impact the 9H will but seems very good. BTW the install was easier than any screen protector I've ever done.
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    Mar 6, 2010
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    I ordered the same one for my wife's S4. She has the Otterbox defender and the included screen protector sucks, keeps sticking to the screen with bubbles and looks very bad. Plus it is easy for dirt to get between the screen and protector.

    So, having removed the plastic sheet and used my own protector in the past with the Defender series, I wanted to try with iloome. I was a bit worried that the 9H was too thick for the case. But I got it anyways

    Well the result was amazing. Install took 3 minutes (as expected), removed plastic screen protector from Otterbox (kept it in case of warranty) and put the case back in. It did not even notice the extra thickness of the 9H protector, the case clicked together like it was meant for it. And now, not only is the screen 100% clear, but it is protected way better than that crappy Otterbox plastic and resistance to finger prints!

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