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Review of Sixth Sense rear touch controller w/pics!!!Tips

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  1. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    This is review of Sixth Sense Case with built-in rear touch controller for Note 2 from DioSystems, ::: ?????? :::

    I have reviewed a lot of different accessories for Note 2 in the past few months. This one is really hard to classify under any category except one: UNIQUE!!! Unfortunately, I still haven't received any info about where this accessory could be purchased and for how much. I have looked very closely at their website, and found no links about on-line store or distributors. Also, my contact from the company who kindly provided a review sample didn't mention this info either. Make no mistake, this is a real deal finished product in manufacturing package, not a prototype or display sample from a trade show. Also, a very polished Sixth Sense app with configuration and detailed tutorial is available for download from Google Play. Furthermore from my research, Dio Systems apparently is a company that has been around for 5 years specializing in designs of pressure sensitive input devices. I assume this is their first commercial product, although I also found YT videos with S3 Sixth Sense case.

    Now, about the product. I only had a very short time playing with it and feel like I only scratched a surface of its capabilities. What it is basically a pressure controller pad with 3 additional function buttons embedded in the back of a slim plastic case that fits Galaxy Note 2. The device is connected to Note 2 through micro-usb connector (some kind of a hidden ribbon cable running in the back of the case down to the bottom under a soft material so you don't scratch the back of the phone) and recognized as auxiliary accessory. Similar to how we can plug in a mouse or a keyboard or a storage device through otg cable, although without any additional software, device is recognized after you install Sixth Sense app (sort of like it's driver). Controller gets it's power through that micro-usb connection, and I believe it draws very minimum amount including sleep management when not in use. Micro-usb port is duplicated on the case so you can still charge up your phone without taking it out. As a matter of fact there is a switch which either enables charging of the phone (path-through mode) or using controller as auxiliary device and perhaps connecting other devices (still haven't tried it yet). Case itself is made out of very sturdy PC material. It does add bulk at the bottom where you connect micro-usb connector to the phone. Also, it offers a very minimum protection since sides are exposed, and there is hardly any lip when you place it down (my tempered glass protector was thicker than edge of it's lip). I really hope Dio Systems will consider having TPU case designed to go on top of it with a cutout for touch controller/buttons. Aside from that, case feels very solid and has all the proper cutouts for speaker, s-pen, mic, headphones, etc. Absolutely no issues removing s-pen, or interferences with it. Touch pad has 4 directional arrows to easily identify it by touch, and so does 3 functional buttons with it's own symbols for easier identification. This is VERY ergonomic design, and I actually found it especially useful with FlyGrip (I attached it later) where you can have a truly one hand experience controlling the phone.

    The control itself has 3 different modes, 4-way mode (pushing in direction of arrows), Gesture mode (swiping in different directions), and Mouse mode (you get an actual mouse pointer). There is a very high level of configuration where you can assign different modes for different application depending on which mode is more convenient to use. I took snap shots of tutorial screen so you can get a better idea about it. The possibilities are limitless, and after a short time using Sixth Sense - it becomes addictive. Also, as I mentioned before with a proper attachment to the case for a better handling of it in your hand - you don't feel any fatigue using it that way. Holding it by itself may be a little slippery after awhile, thus a need for external TPU case/skin.

    In summary, I think its a VERY unique accessory for Note 2. As a matter of fact, it's so unique - almost like a novelty item! Some might argue why do you need it when you can use your other hand to touch the screen and perform the same actions. Well, I think it accomplishes one very important task which is the ability to control your phone and to enjoy full real estate of 5.5" screen without your fingers getting in the way :) Is this something I would leave permanently on my phone - probably not. But I can easily see myself using it as a game controller, or while reading books or watching videos at home where I have less chance of dropping it :) I wish I would have more info about where this could be ordered, but hopefully I will update my post as this will become available to me. Also, in addition to my pictures, I'm also posting below YT video links from DioSystems which demonstrates in all glory detailed functionality and use of this brilliant controller!!! Also want to mention that package included a very detailed instruction folded-booklet (in English).

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  2. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    place holder
  3. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    So if someone wants to go from a tall monster Note 2 to a taller monster Note 2, this should fit the bill.

    All kidding aside, how 'comfortable' would it be when using it in landscape? Especially for people with small hands. If a person can just reach the middle of the screen with either thumb, this might pose a problem as the extension seems quite significant.
  4. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    It's no different than some of these popular external battery cases like the the picture below, except with Sixth Sense you get access to s-pen ;)

    It shouldn't add too much in landscape mode. I will report back once I play more with it; also been asked how it works with games in landscape since all the demos suggest portrait mode. Will try that too.

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  5. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Awesome review.

  6. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Got confirmation they are still working on distribution channels and the price going to be around $40-$45. What I suggested to them is to have TPU case on top of it with a cutout for pad/buttons. Also, I proposed it would be a great idea to have this rear controller as stand-alone auxiliary option. Imagine a small self-adhesive (use a nice adhesion like on Bunker Ring) enclosed control pad with buttons and flexible ribbon to go to your micro-usb connector. This way you can use it with any phone and any case. Now that would be Ultimate!!!

    Btw, it's actually easy to remove the whole thing from the case - two screws from the bottom and soft material lining inside of the case. I have seen someone taking it apart in some on-line review, but can't find that link anymore.

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