Review of UE Boom wireless speaker w/pics!!!Tips

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  1. twister6

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    This is a review of Ultimate Ears UE Boom wireless bluetooth speaker: UE BOOM: 360

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  2. twister6

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  3. quahbp

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    I do not agree that Kaidaer speaker deserves your priase. I bought one last year and since then it has been cold-storaged after a few minutes of testing. I can only give it to someone who likes something that produces noise, but definitely not music, let alone the sound quality. There is no bass at all! Now I wonder whether your assessment on UE Ultimate is accurate. I only wish that I am wrong.
  4. twister6

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    OK, you are totally confusing me. You post a reply in UE Boom review thread talking about another product I reviewed in THIS thread, and in particularly mention Kaidaer speaker (was it even the same model?) where I clearly stated nothing about the bass and only crisp mids/highs. Then, you reference UE Ultimate?!? What product is that?

    I'm not disputing that sound assessment is a matter of personal taste. But to expect a pumping bass out of 2" speaker for $7, you have to be unrealistic. There is a presence of bass where you can hear rhythm and bass harmony, but it's not deep. I still use that particular Kaidaer speaker and its sounds pretty good for $7 or whatever was the price of it. It's not in the same league as $200 wireless speakers, but for that price you can't beat it. I'm not reviewing it from audiophile perspective, and sound tones might be artificial in there due to enhanced mids/highs, but again - for crying out loud, this is $7 2" speaker... Also, Kaidaer has digital EQ, and I would recommend going through a few settings to make sure you select the best one for your taste.

    Regarding UE Boom reviewed here or JBL FLIP and MICRO reviewed in another thread, those are high class wireless speakers with it's own strength and weakness. Don't expect earth shattering bass from those either, but the sound is top notch. Feel free to browse other reviews of the same products on Amazon or other websites. I'm sure you will find similar opinions.

    Btw, welcome to AndroidForums. Very nice way to introduce yourself with a first post :rolleyes:
  5. stridermt2k

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    More nice pics and interesting info!

    I enjoy these reviews quite a bit.
    I recently picked up a Braven 440 that has to be my favorite portable speaker system ever at this point, but it's a QVC exclusive and not much is buzzed about it online.

    This one looks positively awesome too, and the app just takes it to the next level. Wow!
  6. twister6

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    Glad another Jersey fellow appreciates my write ups :D

    I published a ton of reviews with lots of pictures:

    Btw, Boom app has been updated recently with a new Alarm function and more EQ settings.

    And speaking of Braven, 440 is definitely a better value. I have reviewed 855s and after a short while stop using it because bass was too overwhelming. I prefer a more balanced sound where I can hear the entire frequency content, especially vocal and melody details. Since Incipio (famous case maker) acquired Braven, will be interesting to see which direction they are going to follow with future releases.

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