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Review: Steinheil SGP Anti-Fingerprint Screen Guard!Accessories

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  1. broken1i

    broken1i Well-Known Member

    They even have a glossy version. I'm debating on getting the UV one or the anti fingerprint one. Hey htc, i read a review that said the one you reviewed makes the screen blurry, how accurate is that?

  2. senormatt

    senormatt Well-Known Member

    I had the anti-fingerprint on there. It totally changed the screen quality for me. I'd rather live with the fingerprints. Was a night and day difference for me :eek:
  3. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    well it's a matte screen protector so it does shade off the brightness a little.
  4. PuRock

    PuRock Well-Known Member

    I really love the Anti-Fingerprint because it works. Especially for someone like me that always seems to leave crazy greasy fingerprints. It does change the clarity of the screen a bit, but it depends on how anal you are.

    My only gripe, and I was wondering if anybody else has this problem is the sound it makes when you finger swipe.

    It sounds like: Swoooooosh. It's really loud and annoying, my finger doesn't glide silenty across it. Anyone else use this and can confirm its just not mine?
  5. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    Only if I hold my phone to my ear as I swipe. :D
  6. akkidy

    akkidy Well-Known Member

    Yes, mine does too, but it wasn't that annoying, it just felt and sound like sliding through paper. The biggest downside is the matte finish that makes the screen less sharper. I now have the Ultra Crystal Clear on and it is perfect. The film is glossy and looks just like the original screen. It does catch finger prints but I rather have that than a blurry screen. Both screen protectors are easy to install. The adhesive part is sticky enough to stick to the screen but does not leave any smudges on the screen if you remove it so you can re-adjust the placement easily. The Anti Fingerprint version does not cover the front camera, so you do not have to worry about it messing with the picture quality, while the ultra crystal clear covers the front camera but without any problem on picture quality too. Both screen protectors do not interfere with the touch screen responsiveness. I think whichever you prefer, both films are worth the money.
  7. music_pharoah

    music_pharoah Well-Known Member

    I've been searching screen protectors and this brand seems like the best. I just can't decide if I want the clear or the anti glare. I don't want my screen to be messed up too bad in color. I had the sprint anti glare and liked it, but now have a clear and love the screen color. I want a good screen that I can swype on. So, I want one that is soothe. Can any one give me side advice here? SUCH a tricky decision...what is better?!?!
  8. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    The best one is leaving the screen naked and open. The screen on our phones is nearly scratch proof as is, why would you want to risk screwing up your screen with water and have to pay $100 deductible for a new one, when in reality you never had to do all that crap.

    Again, unless you work actively in the construction business dealing with lots of sand and sawdust, your really don't need one at all.
  9. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    what you talk about? The evo does get scratches on them easy
  10. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Show me proof of this, and I'll accept that and put a plastic film on MY screen. I can literally take my car keys, a screw at work, a pen, my hunting knife, anything I can think of, and comfortably mash them, point first mind you, into the screen and just have a mini-spasm throwing it across every square inch of the screen without having to worry about it gaining as much as a smudge from excess oils on said tools of mass damage.

    There's already been a video made and posted on here from a dude actually ON this forum who's done just this. I might go ahead and make a little peep show as well, and on the Evo I use day-to-day. I got no problems doing that, if you guys REALLY want to see how resistant it really is.

    Like I've said though, the screen is almost 100% impervious (I say almost, because the next 2 things it's still vulnerable to) to anything, except for sand grit and sawdust being either rubbed forcefully on the screen, or blasted onto it. In that case, you'll get little dents and grooves appearing on the screen. Other than that though, this is the toughest glass I've seen to date.
  11. Essex

    Essex Well-Known Member

    Not sure if the OP made this clear in his review, but SGP screen protectors are DRY. No risk of water damage at all. The dry application is precisely why I like SGP screen protectors.

    Finally, just because you enjoy using your EVO with no screen protector, doesn't mean that those of us who do are somehow "wrong" for doing so. If you are comfortable going screen protector less, GOOD FOR YOU! I paid too much money for my EVO to even risk the possibility of scratching my screen. And no, I do not work in construction. I, along with others In this thread, simply want to protect our devices. That's all. As far as screen protectors go, Steinheil is the best I've ever used (I have the Ultra Crystal)...
  12. takirb

    takirb Well-Known Member

    Scratch test video = bs! - SprintUsers.com

    Halfway down the 1st page is a scratched EVO. It doesn't matter to me "how" it got scratched, and i don't care whether the poster's story is true or not, but since it "can" happen i'd rather have mine protected. The SGP Ultra Clear protector i have is crystal clear and offers that extra layer of protection just in case it's needed. Doesn't hurt anyways, just sayin'...
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  13. njbianco

    njbianco Well-Known Member

    i bought a anti-fingerprint screen protector for my Moment 6months ago i thought it dulled out my screen to much so switched back to normal screen protectors
  14. mhaedo

    mhaedo New Member

    Steinheils may work well when put on properly. I, however, am a moron. I put the protective film on my EVO and threw out the actual screen protector. Guess I'll have to order another pack.
  15. DSSK

    DSSK Member

    haha sorry to hear that. think you can contact steinhell and ask them to replace it since their instructions on which one was which wasn't clear enougH?
  16. aaz110

    aaz110 Well-Known Member

    After reading the OP's review, I immediately looked into Steinheil and ended up ordering one of their "Ultra Crystal" screen protectors (I know that the review was for the anti-fingerprint protectors, but I already keep my screen brightness pretty low and was afraid that it would be a bit harder to see with it on). I have to say, their Ultra Crystal screen protector is easily the best that I've ever used on a phone (I've tried one from Radioshack for my Evo and went through a bunch with my old iPhone 3G).
  17. Shawn0413

    Shawn0413 Well-Known Member

    I just put a ultra clear version on my evo and on the top right corner it docent seem to have adhered very well..there is a bubble and no matter how much I squeegee it or press on it it won't go away..help will it go away in time or is the screen protector defective...thanks
  18. aaz110

    aaz110 Well-Known Member

    I would guess defective in your case. I put the ultra clear on my Evo and had no problems. Maybe try contacting them for a replacement?
  19. farrellcollie

    farrellcollie Well-Known Member

    " just put a ultra clear version on my evo and on the top right corner it docent seem to have adhered very well..there is a bubble and no matter how much I squeegee it or press on it it won't go away..help will it go away in time or is the screen protector defective...thanks "

    It happened on mine too but I blame the fact I put the tpu case back on too soon. It doesn't go as far as the actual screen so I am not that worried about it.
  20. taz92

    taz92 Well-Known Member

    i bought the anti-fingerprint one but is it just me or now i see smudges instead of fingerprints? It comes off easy but still..ok so im very anal. I literally by canned air and wipes just for my phone lol.
  21. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    I am using the Sprint EVO screen protectors right now. I have the anti-glare on there now, and from what I can tell, it's similar to the anti-fingerprint reviewed in here.

    My only issue is that it only covers the screen. The buttons, and top of the glass where Sprint logo resides isn't covered.

    I'll probably put on Sprint's clear protector after another few weeks of the anti-glare to see if I like it at all.

    Then, I'll buy a full glass pretector screen in either anti-glare, or crystal clear.
  22. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

  23. conor.in

    conor.in Well-Known Member

    ^I too was very disappointed that the Sprint ones don't cover the whole screen. That's such a bad design choice.
  24. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    well...I can't stand the two basic ones from sprint...they hold prints and scratch and buff far too easily. I have had the protector i linked above on for three weeks and it finally got a small imperfection from a key or something in my pocket after three weeks. it's still secure on the phone, smudges wipe right off... and it is ok at anti glare. if it were not for a lil piece of dirt that got trapped in between it I wouldn't even know there was a protector on the phone

    I LOVE the texture of the sprint anti glare...find me that in a full screen version multipack and I would be soooo happy
  25. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Yes, the texture is pretty badass. My finger slides across it like buttah.

    Does the Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint feel the same?

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