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    Droid Life Review

    If you are a serious tablet gamer, this is your best option on Android. If you need a tablet that can act as a laptop in sticky situations, this would meet your needs. If you want a device that can give you a stunning media experience thanks to a gorgeous display, then you can
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    PC World Review

    The high-resolution display saps battery life faster, and that drawback is visible in the Infinity's battery performance. On our updated battery life tests, the Infinity lasted 7 hours, 58 minutes, versus the Prime's 8 hours, 22 minutes and the iPad's 10 hours, 46 minutes. But it was super-fast at recharging, requiring just 2 hours, 32 minutes to juice up.

    PC Magazine Review

    But you shouldn't be buying a tablet for simple web browsing, reading, and video watching
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