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    I'm sticking this thread up only for a few weeks, until the reviews start coming in from the US side, since the International ones are already coming in.

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    Any reviews found, please post em here and I'll update the OP. :)
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    Pocket-Lint Review

    The Note is a device that shouldn't work. A device that the Koreans dreamt up after too little sleep, and too many energy drinks. But somehow, it's the most captivating phone we've used for a long time. It manages to invalidate the tablet to some extent, because it's big enough to be a powerful media device, but small enough to carry everywhere.

    International Business Times UK

    That isn't the outcome we were expecting. We thought it was ridiculous and we'd hate it, but give it a couple of days and you stop reaching for the iPad when you need a bigger screen because it's already there in your pocket. As for getting used to such a large phone...our iPhone 4S felt like a toy and far too small after just a few days with the Note 2. It's amazing how quickly you get used to it, and nothing smaller will do.
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    LapTop Magazine

    Ultimately, the Note II involves some compromise because of its size--it's simply not a one-handed device--but its power and versatility are unmatched in the smartphone world.

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    While it may not be a media outlet or blog this guy did a pretty good review of the Note 2 and he shows us something that I've never noticed before "the rocking while typing issue". (at time index 3:28)

    Check it out.

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    This is something I had noticed and it was mildly irritating. However, I have since bought a case for my phone which has eliminated the issue :)
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    it is very very seldom that i type with the phone flat on the desk... but that is odd...
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    I just tested it on my SGN2 and yes mine is rocking too :p Although I don't find it annoying at all as I rarely type with the phone flat on the table like that.
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    Ridiculous concern in my opinion as I don't think I have ever typed on a smartphone that was laying on a table. Always typed when holding it.
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    Well I wouldn't say totally ridiculous. case in point, I have my Note 1 flat on my desk while typing stuff away on my laptop and if a text comes in on my phone, I am not going to pick it up to type a reply, I just start typing away on the device while it is flat on the desk. Lucky for me I have my note 1 (as well as the upcoming Note 2) with a folio back cover that prevents any rocking.

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    re-read PocketNow's review of the Note 2 and it seems that the US variant may possibly not have the display saturation customization feature the Int'l version has. I never noticed that in other reviews before.
  16. The Galaxy Note 2 is Samsung's next Note series smartphone. It features a 5.5" HD Super AMOLED screen, Exynos 4 1.6GHz processor, 2GB RAM, microSD, new S-Pen and upgraded screen pressure sensitivity, new camera and buttery-smooth performance with Android 4.1 Jellybean.

    Although it has a 5.5" screen, the screen takes up most of the screen and thus the bezel size has been reduced. This means, it is about the same size as the original Note, while having greater screen size.


    Reviewed by The Verge

    Samsung Galaxy Note II review | The Verge

    The Galaxy Note 2 scored highest on processor power, camera and battery life.
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    $300 is pretty steep for Sprint but this will be my next phone in a couple weeks:)
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