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  1. leftygirl

    leftygirl Member

    my Lg Revolution has started to periodically play my music from my playlist. It happens mostly when I get out of my car. I have the SYNC system in my car and when I turn off the car and get out it starts playing

  2. snolds

    snolds Member

    After a couple minutes of being in your car, look at the notification bar on the top of your phone and see if you see the play sign (sideways triangle) that indicates your music player is going.

    I have a Ford with Sync as well and whenever the bluetooth connects, the phone assumes it's a bluetooth stereo headset and that you want to listen to your music so it starts the player. When you get out of the car, the bluetooth disconnects and since the music player is still going, you hear it out of your phone's speaker.
  3. leftygirl

    leftygirl Member

    so how do I get this to stop? I never play music on my phone so is there a way to completely stop the player from playing?
  4. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    You may not be able to stop it. The native music player doesn't have an "exit" or "quit" option to remove it from memory when you stop playing music. So, it's influenced by the OS as snolds describes in his post. I can think of two things to try. (1) Manually kill the music player task before exiting the car to remove it from memory. (Very easily done if you have GO Launcher EX.) Or (2) try another music player that has a "Quit" option. I use the "Cloudskipper" music player from the Market which is a free and excellent music player. It has a Quit option from the Settings->More menu. - MarkC

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