Revolutionary beta key?

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  1. akinayumi

    akinayumi New Member

    the beta form always failed to open for me, i tried it on three different computers but nothing appeared ... is there any other way to get the beta key?

    Below are my phone specs:
    IMEI: 354003040717403
    S/N: HT15ETC00432

    Thank you

  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    The beta key is unique for every Wildfire because you have to put in your own serial number. Make sure you dont rush, if after 3 attempts there isnt any progress, just close and reopen the program
  3. mac9091

    mac9091 New Member

    I've had a similar problem recently. been trying to do my other wildfire and everytime it comes up with an error. seems to me like the key provided is wrong as i know i have put my serial in right and i have tried replacing similar letters with numbers.

    i.e. if the key is fy8cb0(number zero)seax62, i have tried it as fy8cbOseax62 and fy8cboseax62 as well but no joy.

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