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  1. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried to yet but it looks like we can now unlock our bootloaders. Go to phandroid news.

    Or go straight to it:

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  2. OldRoman

    OldRoman Well-Known Member

    Using the method developed by unrEVOked and AlphaRev (they call it REVOLUTIONARY) I have rooted my Sensation 4G. Here is the XDA page on how to get S-OFF and Root the phone. It was relatively easy to do.

    [Guide]Guide to S-off, Installing ClockWorkMod, Permanent Root & Flashing (noobproof) - xda-developers

    I have Superuser, BusyBox and Titanium BackUp up and running with no problems.

  3. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Realized I put, "Can not unlock" Ment to put "can NOW unlock"

    That's great news. Ill go check it out.
  4. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Update: I have S-Off. I used the application and sucessfully achived S-Off. I have yet to do anything further.
  5. aci78

    aci78 Well-Known Member

    Are we talking only on until the next re-boot or fully unlocked no problems with custom ROMs unlocked?
  6. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    I'm fully rooted. I am running Android Revolution HD. And can do everything root. I don't loose it on reboot. Head over to XDA.
  7. hompsar

    hompsar Member

    With S-OFF the only thing to do now is flash a rom. Don't be scared. You can use Titanium so you do not lose a thing. Just experiment.

    Be wary which ClockWorkMod you install and use. There are charging problems afoot. Either get CWM and flash it from the bootloader or use Rom Manager to update from there. Good luck!
  8. ngriffiths

    ngriffiths Member

    I try doing this, but when I enter the BETA key I keep getting the error message "invalid key aborting". I've tried numerous times and am entering using caps where there should be. Any ideas?
  9. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    The new way is to do it through HTCDev try it through there and let me know how it goes.
  10. mteezey

    mteezey Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old post but figured if someone else looks or needs it. If you have trouble with entering beta key copy and paste. This method has worked for me on many EVO 3ds and 4g. Imo do what ever it takes to get this method why? Since it can be reversed and no watermark on your phone if you need to warranty.

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