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Rezound driving me crazy with several issuesGeneral

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  1. varaonaid

    varaonaid Well-Known Member


    For the most part, I've loved my Rezound from the very beginning and have felt like it was a hidden gem among VZW phones but now, my phone is acting up and driving me crazy with several issues. You should know that despite all my temptations to go for it, at this point it is not rooted, never has been rooted and is running the stock OTA ICS.

    1) It no longer seems to support flash at all: movies, videos, plugins, nothing works and it all says that I need flash. There is no flash that I can find in the play store

    2) Random reboots for no reason: pretty self explanatory...for no reason that I can pin down or reproduce at random times, it'll just go into a reboot and sometimes a double reboot (just as it bringing up all the programs and wi fi online etc, it reboots again

    3) Taking forever to make a call from the time I press the call button: again fairly self explanatory...I go to make a call and can be stuck waiting 30 seconds to a minute or more before it actually changes screens and connects the call.

    4) Completely out of room for apps...REALLY? Are you serious? I've tried moving some to SD that can be moved but I keep running into issues with being out of memory for apps...even though it shows that I have over 255mb left in the app storage area. It's stopping updates and leading to general frustration.

    5) Settings keep resetting to default: FB app won't sync and all my settings are gone EVERY TIME I try to use the app, other settings are the same...I have Chrome set as my default browser but the Rez frequently resets that to the stock browser. There are others that reset as well but you get the idea.

    6) Will only ring twice and I miss calls

    7) It's really, really slowed down...my husband recently got a Moto Razr Maxx and it completely smokes my Rez in speed on everything from calls to opening folders, booting up, launching an app, unlocking, etc. I wait ages for contacts to open, for apps to launch, sometimes to just flip through the screens, it's awful!! And my specs are technically faster on the Rez than the Razr but in real world, there's no comparison.

    This is a base of how my phone is currently acting weird. Is this normal? Any idea to fix specific issues? Any suggestions on the running out of space issue when I have space to spare? I've been interested in some of the upcoming phones but I'm trying to decide now if I want to get something else in the meantime and wait till the prices come down. I guess I'd like to know if you think that my Rez can be brought from the brink...or is it dying or ????

    Thanks folks!!!

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    None of these errors is common or normal, although the Flash issues are pretty normal, except you should be able to get still get it in the Play Store because it is still supported on devices that shipped with it, and the Rezound did! Although the stock browser (and Chrome) no longer supports it in ICS, you will need to switch to a different browser such as Maxthon, FireFox, Opera, or Dolphin.

    Have you done a factory reset since you got the OTA update? Generally "strange" issues after the OTA can be corrected by a Factory Reset via hboot and reinstalling your apps manually, do not backup and restore your apps with a utility.

    EDIT: Hmmm... Flash isn' showing up in searches again, but you can still get it here and side load it though: http://www.iapktop.com/adobe-flash-player-11-1-115-17-android-4-x.html, and the official Play Store link still works, although it doesn't show up in search anymore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.flashplayer
  3. varaonaid

    varaonaid Well-Known Member

    When you say factory reset, I'm assuming you're meaning hard reset, right? Erase everything and reinstall?? I may try that because I'd have to do that with a different phone anyway and at least it might give some benefit. I just want to double check that's what you mean before I wipe all my data...LOL. :) I don't want to setup my phone again if I don't have to.
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Yup, a Factory Reset is the same as a hard reset, returns the phone to new, out-of-box condition... most people who have had issues with the OTA update have been able to correct them with a Factory Reset.
  5. Bhelios

    Bhelios Well-Known Member

    So very this!

    @varaonaid - this really starts you out with a clean slate. The Play Store has a list of all the apps you have ever used and all the apps currently installed. You can re-install those apps from your computer... very handy.
  6. Diabolique

    Diabolique Active Member

    Two phones ago, I had a Droid Eris and I had a lot of the same problems with phone lag when calling or receiving calls, and also memory. I learned that deleting call history frequently helped with these issues. I guess it's really just habit at this point, but I still do it regularly on my Rezound. I honestly believe that it does help. Have you tried deleting call history?
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  7. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    A factory reset would wipe this out... I could see with the Eris how this would make a difference, since it only had 288MB of RAM and a very slow processor that would make swapping things in and out of RAM a slow process for the operating system, but the Rezound, unless extremely overloaded with running applications, should not have this issue and just deleting the call history should be irrelevant.

    Generally problems with the ICS update go back to the apps installed... they were installed for Gingerbread, not ICS, and for some apps it doesn't matter, but for some it makes a huge difference, it will affect all kinds of things you don't expect too. A factory reset and fresh installation of needed apps usually clears up "ICS update issues" 9 out of 10 times. This is also the reason some people who have backed up with utilities like MyBackup, then restored everything still have problems, they just restored the bad right back into the phone.

    But, hey, who am I to say, if it works for you, stick with it! And if I run into somethat that everything else has failed I would recommend trying it before a factory reset, it's simple to do and generally not important information.
  8. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    In general, phones that received an OTA update have issues and run better after a factory reset.

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