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  1. MonsterMaxx

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    Around 1 pm today 9-11-12 my phone decided to do a master reset on itself.

    No reason.

    Just did it and wiped out everything.

    I'm so sick of Verizon and their crappy stuff it's ridiculous.

    It didn't even go to the latest ROM, it's some old rom. SCREW VERIZON, I'm about to be a Sprint customer.

    (this is just the latest in a year long saga with the big red money sucking hole.)

  2. acejavelin

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    Jun 4, 2012
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    Sounds to me like your phone rebooted for some reason, AND you had Fastboot turned off (or it lost power completely and did a 'cold' boot), AND you are S-OFF, AND you had an old RUU ( file) on the root of your SD Card. Otherwise I cannot think of any possibly way the ROM would change to an older version, no factory reset by itself can change the ROM version.

    I would be pretty hard pressed to blame Verizon, HTC, or anyone else for this occurring... unless there are elves, gnomes, and/or magical spells involved. ;)

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