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  1. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Well-Known Member

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    hmmm since you posted this here too i'll leave the same comment lol

    looking like my June/July timeframe prediction is coming together like butt cheeks :)
  3. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    From that picture...
    Rezound ICS = 297 MB
    Razr ICS = 341 MB
    They must have like 2 dozen extra apps on the Razr - ok they win!!! :D
  4. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    Dang! You've been through this before, haven't you? :p
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  5. Cares

    Cares Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge, Moto Blur is just naturally larger than HTC Sense.
  6. WolfBoi

    WolfBoi Guest

    Naturally larger? As in it was born that way? Does size matter also for vendor overlays? haha
  7. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    I hit the OK button and the shoved ICS on to my tablet replacing honeycomb o/s. Apparently ICS shows up faster when we don't wait or look for it!! :eek: This ver 4.0.3 ICS download size was 233.1 MB... it's just a tablet and not a phone/dialer-thing. All the old softwares/icons/data are still there in the same place as before... didn't lose anything. The system font looks a little different, and the screen feels smoother/faster. Dropping in ICS wasn't like a major transplant/reformat or anything... but like a small upgrade on the tablet. Hopefully we don't get a factory reset when they shove ICS on to our phones.
  8. Drivembig

    Drivembig Active Member

    Looks like the Rezound update instructions have changed on Verizons website. I dont see the same old PDF that was there before.
  9. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Well-Known Member

    They look the same to me. Still showing the maintenance update.
  10. Drivembig

    Drivembig Active Member

    I guess what I looked at this morning was explaining the OTA update procedure. I must have been on the wrong page. I see it now.
  11. GNS1310

    GNS1310 Well-Known Member

  12. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

  13. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    And indeed it works!
  14. tspangle88

    tspangle88 Well-Known Member

    Well, I just checked for updates. Nothing. Anyone else?
  15. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    It's not May 10 yet. Don't bother.
  16. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised there isn't more chatter about this update. This will the first time most of us have upgraded an entire version number.
  17. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    Meh. I went from 1.5 to 2.1 on the Eris. I'm just hoping the official update happens soon.
  18. nw53

    nw53 Member

    I think everbody is just waiting to see. Not much to post about right now till the 9/10th.

    If it don't happen, I have the new leak on my SD card readly to go on the 11th.
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  19. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Well-Known Member

    I've been through this before, first with my Dinc. Going from eclair to froyo and then my Dinc 2 going from froyo to GB. It'll happen, I just dont get caught up in the hype.
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  20. sbebs2000

    sbebs2000 Active Member

  21. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    Are there many differences between sense 3.5 and 3.6?
  22. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I know 3.6 has the docking bar similar to 4.0, & I think I read somewhere that we get notification bar use from the lockscreen & a multitask screen similar to honeycomb. There was a story I read on Pocket Lint that had a very good article on the differences between 4.0 & 3.6.

    HTC Sense 3.6 vs Sense 4.0: What's the difference? - Pocket-lint
  23. Puppa

    Puppa Well-Known Member

  24. am_beagle

    am_beagle Active Member

    Does anyone see something regarding the ICS OTA on Verizon site yet ?
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  25. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    That's interesting, it's my understanding I already have all of that...
    [​IMG] If you look closely you can see the pull ring for the lockscreen.
    Is this what you meant?

    I'll have to read the article later, thank you for posting that.

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