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  1. pragmatous

    pragmatous Well-Known Member

    i forgot about those lol

  2. rpretzel

    rpretzel Well-Known Member

    I've got a TP2, and I really liked it at first. Now that it's nearly completely non-functional, it really blows.

    I'm so excited to move up to an Android, either Vigor or Gnex; haven't decided. I've been playing around with my wife's DInc2 and it's pretty darn nice, although anything is compared to my POS.
  3. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    POS? Poopie Operating System? :D The TP2 did serve its purpose and wasn't bad at the time. Hell I remember making some iPhone nutswinging fans mad when I'd go to a website that was streaming a basketball game via Flash while they were jerking each other off over who had the best live score reporting app. They just dispersed as if I had farted at a meeting of ultra-sensitive nose smellers of America or something.
  4. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    The mere fact that they are labeling this phone "ICS Ready" tells me that they fear losing sales to the Nexus; because what they've said is simply what they've already said...just trying to make it sound better and to make us think that it might/could be out as early as January. I still wouldn't say any earlier than April or May.
  5. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest


  6. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    That's funny. Over the weekend, I mentioned to some of my friends that were showing off their new 4s's I was getting a new Android when it comes out (knowing they would have no idea what one if I told them)... They were acting like they were actually sorry for me for not getting an iPhone. We didn't get into it, but I wanted to detail how much better android is over iPhone... The iPhone is marketed very well, so everyone that has one is under the assumption that there is nothing better, or even in the same league. They don't know what they are missing, but it doesn't bother me.. I know I am going to be happy with this phone.
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  7. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Well-Known Member

    Concur 100%. Which doesn't bother me as it will be rooted with many options before it ever sees ICS. Actually read just a bit ago, on Phandroid I think, that the phone is already rooted.
  8. CaseyKees

    CaseyKees Well-Known Member

    this was posted to facebook this morning. The rezound is on the list FWIW!

    Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

    For those not on FB or if the link doesn't work... this is C&P'd

    HTC knows how excited our fans are to get their hands on Google's latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, so we're thrilled today to announce the first wave of HTC phones that will receive upgrades: We can confirm the brand new HTC Vivid, on sale beginning today, is upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich. In addition, Ice Cream Sandwich is coming in early 2012 to a variety of devices including the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XL and HTC Sensation XE, as well as the HTC Rezound, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G and HTC Amaze 4G through close integration with our carrier partners. We're continuing to assess our product portfolio, so stay tuned for more updates on device upgrades, timing and other details about HTC and Ice Cream Sandwich.
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  9. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    lol@ all the comments. Everyone seems to want their phone on that list. Kind of funny (in a sad kind of way) that the Thunderbolt isn't there. I thought it was supposed to be the phone after my dream phone!
  10. 2010 ZR1

    2010 ZR1 Well-Known Member

    That's funny because when HTC and Verizon were using that as a reason to buy it, I told people that it means the phone after the thunderbolt is your dream phone, as their way of saying don't buy the tbolt.
  11. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

  12. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Can/will someone link to the phandroid article about this (on phan app)
  13. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

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  14. compchick813

    compchick813 Well-Known Member

    S-off as well:

    S-Off Rezound?!
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  15. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    Someone on the TB forum posted up a pic of ICS on the TB. In case anyone wants to see what ICS will look like with the soft buttons. I hope there's a way to disable those on-screen buttons...


  16. compchick813

    compchick813 Well-Known Member

    I bet CM9 will take care of that!
  17. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    God that is beautiful I want it so bad
  18. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    That's just early port nonsense (not using that term negatively).

    There was a detailed part in one of the Google interviews where they explained that the OEMs simply needed to flip a build switch, and the soft buttons go away in favor of any phone's existing hard buttons.

    So - no real estate need be wasted at all on the face of any phone.

    If I can track down that substantiating interview link quickly and not forget, I'll surely post it back here.
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  19. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I too remember hearing that but it still looks amazing softkeys or not
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  20. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

  21. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

  22. Ken7

    Ken7 Well-Known Member

    It occurs to me that even if there is a 'switch' to disable the soft buttons in favor of the phone's existing hard buttons, the hard buttons will be labeled differently and perform a different function since they were not originally designed for ICS. This would make navigation a bit awkward, no?

    Am I missing something?
  23. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I had always thought that ICS was supposed to be somewhat backwards compatible. Otherwise there would be no phone with capacitive buttons that wouldn't be affected, and no point to upgrade to ICS since it would take a big chunk of the screen space for the on board buttons.

    I recall reading that one of the bigwigs in android (maybe even Andy Rubin) had said that ICS would work on phones with capacitive buttons and the on screen ones would be disabled. I doubt that they would say that if the capacitive buttons wouldn't work correctly after disabling the on screen ones.
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  24. civicsisedan

    civicsisedan Well-Known Member

    I flashed an alpha rom of ICS to my Inc. The hardware buttons function the exact same.

    Menu doesnt bring up sense options just a couple from ics. like system settings.

    Even without hardware acceleration you can tell ics is going to be sweet. I wonder what htc will do with sense in their official release.

    If anyone has spare inc laying around you should flash it. WiFi works and flashing gapps gives you the market.
  25. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah I was messing with the same the Inc 2 but I guessing our Build is farther alone with 3g wifi sms and radio working

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