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ReZound or Razr Maxx

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  1. mom22boys

    mom22boys Member

    I am torn between these 2 phones. Woould love to hear your opinions. I have the incredible 2 now and love it. No interest in rooting. Just need to upgrade to keep unlimited data. The longer battery would be nice, but is not a huge issue since I am at a charger most all times.

  2. jackdubl

    jackdubl Well-Known Member

    Battery is the ONLY reason to go with maxx. But that is just my opinion, plus I root so I am biased against Motorola, so take this for what it's worth.
  3. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Moved to the device comparison forum.:)
  4. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    I am stuck on the same question.

    I gotta go upgrade soon to retain my unlimited for another 2 yrs.

    I used 11 gigs last month.

    Seems that the Rezound specs are a little nicer.
    But the Motorolla has the large battery stock and the HDMI output which would be nice.
  5. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    I went in last night to Verizon. Played with the phones and left with the Rezound.

    I did turn on the Nexus, Rezound and Maxx side by side and the reports are correct that the Nexus and Maxx fail to make a true white screen when you go to a webpage with a white background, etc. They do have a slight green tint rather than be true white.
    The Maxx was not as bad as the Nexus tho.
    And honestly you probably wouldn't notice much if you didn't compare side by side but when you do, the difference is obvious. The Rezound has the more real color.

    Honestly, if I was used to Motorola's I'd get the Maxx.
    But I am used to HTC so it made sense to go with the Rezound.

    I of course run an extended battery.
    And the thicker cover makes it easier to hold onto with Man's hands.
    I've never liked to hold a razor thin phone. I always thicken them up with a hefty case or extended battery cover, etc.

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