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  1. Edgar_in_Indy

    Edgar_in_Indy New Member

    I'm a new HTC Rezound owner and I'm delighted with the phone so far. Like any new smartphone owner, one of the first things I wanted to do was to install custom wallpapers. However, things got a little complicated when I searched this forum for HTC wallpapers.

    In the threads I found, I saw people saying that the proper size for Rezound wallpaper images is 1440x1280. And almost all of the wallpapers that were posted are nearly square in shape.

    Why would a phone with a 16:9 widescreen with a 1280x720 resolution take square 1440x1280 wallpapers??? It doesn't make any sense to me! I've been putting 1280x720 wallpapers on the phone and they work great. So where did this idea of 1440x1280 come from?

  2. Bhelios

    Bhelios Well-Known Member

    Needed for scrolling... otherwise the regular image is stretched.
  3. Edgar_in_Indy

    Edgar_in_Indy New Member

    Okay, I'm new to Android phones, but that answer doesn't clear anything up for me at all.

    I have a 1280x720 wallpaper on my Rezound right now, and it doesn't do any stretching that I've ever seen. When I scroll to other screens, the background picture stays completely still. Can you please explain in more detail?
  4. Bhelios

    Bhelios Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to Android! :) Sorry if my note was short... The previous versions of Sense would scroll the wallpaper as you moved screens side to side -- if I recall correctly, the version of Sense running on our Rezounds does not scroll the wallpaper. Or maybe it needs to be enabled (I forget).

    Now, lots of people use secondary launchers (Apex, Nova, ADW, plenty of others) -- think of it sort of like using a different browser on you computer (Firefox, Chrome, whatever -- they get the job done). One of the features of secondary browsers: allows for wallpaper scrolling.

    Just in case, since you are new to Android phones: Android is the 'pure' operating system, Sense is an HTC software solution that lays 'on top' of the Android OS... when you interact with your phone, you are interacting with Sense, which, in turn, is interacting with the Android OS to get things done.
    Secondary launchers work with Android OS, often times working better than company solutions (HTC's Sense, Samsung's Touchwiz, etc).

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