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Rezound Weather Wallpaper NoiseSupport

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  1. slimer110

    slimer110 Member

    So I know this is minor, but have yet to find a solution if there is one. I really like the Weather Live Wallpaper, but it seems that every time I unlock my phone, I get a sound of wind for a few seconds. Almost as if the phone is imitating the sound of the weather. Any idea how to get this to turn off? Thanks!

  2. slimer110

    slimer110 Member

    nm... solved
  3. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    Just for others who are wondering, check settings. There is an option to click the sound off.
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  4. Aries859

    Aries859 Well-Known Member

    Ok, maybe I am just looking in the wrong place but what are step by step directions to turn this sound off? I am having trouble finding it.


    Well I thought I found it...I see where there is a check box and it is unchecked but it still makes the sound. Ok...that box just adds a click sound. How do you turn off the wind?
  5. Aries859

    Aries859 Well-Known Member

    Ok...I got it. It was under wallpaper settings not phone settings. :D

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