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  1. TheVicious

    TheVicious New Member

    Hello everyone. Like many other people, I've been having problems with my Rezound. It overheats (>120 F quickly), shuts down, whispers when headphones are plugged in, apps freeze, and gets stuck without data in perfectly good reception zones (tested with other phones)(even the beats broke quickly, lol). I'm out of the grace period (14 days), but want to drop this thing like a hot potato. I went into a Verizon Store only to be told they couldn't help me, they didn't keep replacements in store, and directed me to the Asurion support line (I have insurance). Regardless, I don't want another Rezound, from what I've seen (through friends, forums, etc), the phone is a hit or miss defective device. What can I say or do to get Verizon/Customer Service/Asurion to give me a different model of phone? Say, a Nexus, or a Razr (I know I'm not getting anything like a GS3). HELP.

    EDIT: I have received 2 replacement Rezounds since the time of the original post, the second one with a new sim card and battery (currently on the way). I am now out a phone for two days. This is getting tiring really fast...

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    If you are out of the "buyers remorse" window,your options are pretty limited... First thing I would do is a factory reset and run the phone "clean" for a couple days and see if it gets any better, you might have a rogue app holding the wakelock and draining the battery, but still 120F and shutdown (occurs at 135F-145F typically) this sounds like a hardware issue. You should not call Asurion, you need to call Verizon Tech Support and get a replacement under WARRANTY, not an insurance replacement and they will replace your device with a new or (most likely) refurbished unit. They usually will not the replace the device with a different model until you have gone through at least 4 replacements that were defective, or they are out of the same replacement unit. Sorry, but that is just the way things work with Verizon...
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  3. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    Yeah that should be a full warranty issue.
    I had to warranty my T-Bolt once when it was a month old or so and they sent a free one no problem.

    The connection was wacked on it for a while but I think it was Verizon getting their 4G working right in the part of the valley I live in.
    It eventually got a little better.

    My Rezound has been pretty solid.
    In the buildings I work in there are signal issues, but it does it to all phones and the Rezound handles it as good as any.

    I live in the Arizona valley. I've never had the phone overheat even when using it outside and plugged into the charger just trying to keep up with constant internet use.

    The battery life does suck in these. Especially when you have unlimited data and use about 10 Gig a month without thinking twice.
  4. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

    Isn't all of Arizona a valley between CA & NM? LoL! Sorry, couldn't resist. :D
  5. TheVicious

    TheVicious New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I got in contact with CS and received a replacement Rezound and surprise, surprise, it's overheating (some data wonkiness too). I'm going to see if there are any other problems with it before I contact CS again...
  6. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    LOL! That seems to be the consensus from the rest of the nation since Arizona is known for the HOT desert.

    But it's only the bottom 1/3 of the state that is desert.

    1 hour drive gets you into snow country.
    2 to 3 hour drive gets you to heavy snow country.

    The northeast part of the state has a popular ski resort.

    I lived over 10 years in the cooler part of Arizona.

    The well to do people have a home in the valley and one "up north". (Must be NICE!)

    In the valley it hardly gets down to freezing in the dead of winter.
    In the Arizona mountains it hardly gets into the 90's in the summer.

    No earth quakes.
    No tornados.
    No Hurricanes! ;)
  7. Dieben

    Dieben Well-Known Member

    Yep. My factory stock original new LG Spectrum quickly heated to 114 degrees during moderate Internet browsing, even in Safe Mode. I have Asurion but Verizon Technical Support twice replaced the Spectrum with refurbished units. Both replacements also overheated even factory stock and even in Safe Mode. There were numerous threads on the bulletin boards about Spectrum phones overheating but Verizon Technical Support said that they had no record of any problems.

    Since I had had *3* Spectrums, a Tech in Verizon Technical Support got his supervisor to authorize a "DEFINITELY one time only" replacement with a different model, a refurbished Rezound. During moderate Internet browsing the factory stock Rezound would quickly heat to 125 degrees with the Notification LED flashing green-orange-green-orange-green-orange. . . even factory stock and even in Safe Mode.

    Despite the "DEFINITELY one time only" rule a friendly rep in Tech Support managed to get me a refurbished Motorola RAZR MAXX as a replacement. Same problem - during moderate Internet browsing the factory stock RAZR MAXX quickly heats to 114 degrees, even factory stock and even in Safe Mode (the governor in the RAZR version of the Android OS is set to throttle back the CPU at 104 degrees and to throttle the CPU back even farther at 114 degrees).

    Enough already. After 5 phones in 4 months all having the same problem I now expect that *any* Android phone will heat when I use it.

    I consider anything over 100 degrees to be uncomfortable to hold in my hand, so whenever possible I place the back of the phone against an aluminum netbook cooling pad, a desktop or tabletop, or other surface that can absorb heat through the back of the phone. :(
  8. TheVicious

    TheVicious New Member

    I know that feel. I just got my third Rezound replacement, and the overheating is worse than the last one...
  9. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    There is a phenomenon where people that get their phones replaced under warranty can continue to have problems with the replacement units. This is not limited to the Rezound, it was the same way with the Incredible.
  10. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    And it is not limited to HTC, I know some people with Motorola Bionics that have had multiple units with the headphone "whine" issue, finally just got a good one after a few tries. Same goes for the iPhone, a friend of mine has been through four 4S models because of WiFi connection issues, finally #5 was a winner!
  11. sdsubasketball

    sdsubasketball Well-Known Member

    How are you all having overheating issues with replacement units and even different phones? Are you guys downloading particular apps or using only stock? Are you guys switching the battery settings at all? Are you in a climate that is causing this overheating? (Ok I don't know how the climate would affect it lol).

    I've never experienced overheating issues like you guys. I've had times where the Rezound got hot, but it wasn't consistently like that and doesn't really do that often.
  12. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm very sorry you are having over heating problems. That can't be fun or good for the phone. I've never experience such problems with my Rez. Perhaps I'm just lucky. I do wish I could offer up some clever suggestion. My only thought is that with the exact problem over multiple units.... perhaps it is a conflict of some sort between your browser of choice and some app that has been a consistent loaded app on all of the problem units.

    Have you tried browsing after a factory reset... prior to loading your favorite apps?
    It would be too sweet if it were merely an app not playing nice on your Rez and browser.

    In any event, I do hope you can resolve your problem.
  13. splatoid

    splatoid Well-Known Member

    If your phone is rooted you can use CPU master and set up profiles. I have been using this program for some time now and no over heating anymore. But if your not root then that wont help you...

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