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  1. Hercmech76

    Hercmech76 New Member

    Ok so here is a new one that I can't get an answer to anywhere else.. yesterday I put my phone in airplane mode and was listening to music. after less than an hour of music and changing tracks, i did notice that the lower nav buttons stayed illuminated after I pressed the sleep button. Here is where the real problem has started. When putting the phone back into normal phone mode, my phone stopped responding normally. I cannot wake the phone up. when plugged into the wall, I can get it to slowly respond somewhat to a screen that says "process system not responding". but still no worky worky! please help I love my phone and really dont wanna get a certified like new.

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    In situations like this...remove and reinsert the battery. This should fixed the problem. Glitches are known to occasionally happen now and again.

    BTW, hello and welcome aboard, Hercmech76. Thanks for joining the community. :)
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  3. Hercmech76

    Hercmech76 New Member

    Yeah, I thought that would fix it too, like past issues, but to no luck it still no work, I even tried a factory reset with no joy. guess I am stuck in the like new replacement realm, which totally sucks as I have already turned one of those down already for being crap. oh well, thank you for the help
  4. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Before you quit try this.

    Do a complete reset to factory default a couple of times.

    Then connect your phone to your computer and go into your directories and sd card and remove all installed apps and music the are relatively recent or that recently updated.

    Do another set to factory default. If the phone works install an anti-virus program like antivir and run it including a root kit virus scan.

    This may work.

    If not you lost only a little bit of time.

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