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Rhyme(Bliss) RUU - Revert to FULL StockSupport

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  1. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    Here is the full RUU for our Bliss aka Rhyme. This is useful if you totally screw up your phone. It will flash your system back to stock, and wipe everything out and set you back to the day you bought your Rhyme.

    RUUs for Both the HTC Vigor and Bliss on Verizon Leak

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  2. RuLEoF2

    RuLEoF2 Active Member


    I'm trying to rebuild my wife's Rhyme. I was trying to root it with zergRush and a couple others. Something went wrong because now I can't boot the phone anywhere other than the bootloader.

    I ran this utility with the bootloader locked and unlocked. It stops half-way through and I get this message "ERROR[140]: BOOTLOADER VERSION ERROR" from the utility.

    What do I need to do?
  3. motiam4

    motiam4 Member

    Means your earlier version is newer than the stock ruu that your trying to install.I do have same issue.looking for the new RUU.
  4. imjarhed

    imjarhed New Member

    Here is a link to RUU's: HTC Rhyme S510B - Bliss Original Roms

    How do you use the RUU? It is an executable file.

    My wife has one, loves it, didn't like the case so of course cracked the screen. Big Red won't honor warranty cuz of physical damage. She has a firmware issue with the camera, it reboots the phone.

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