Rhythm & Music Games for the Android?

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  1. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    Im a huge fan of Rhythm Games (guitar Hero, DDr, Dj Hero, Tap Tap, FFR)

    I was wondering if there were any rhythm games for the android that uses a keyboard or the touch screen. I tried googling it but didn't really come up with anything.

  2. eNons3nse

    eNons3nse Well-Known Member

  3. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    yeah im a big fan of rhythm games and dancing in general. I like Guitar hero and all but would prefer something like DDR/Stepmania.

    Wait you think Stepmania could be ported to android? (that would be awseome). I'm going to put it in the request section.
  4. dimobius

    dimobius Member

    Yes it could definitely be ported, and it is open source. Hopefully we'll get it because there was a port for the jailbroken ipod touch/iphone. Id also love to see a beatmania IIDX or DJ MAX clone. Im actually not a big fan of tap tap, and find that game to be highly overrated, but I wouldnt turn my nose up at it if it came to android.
  5. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    I feel the exact same way.

    Man maybe we could even use the keyboard on phone with them available.
  6. Wayrunner

    Wayrunner New Member

    I don't know if it is still present, but I wrote a rhythm game called Neon Rhythm.
    It would be nice if you could give me some feedback and I will try to implement your proposals. :)
  7. Kevinnnn11

    Kevinnnn11 New Member

    If this is still going on, get Cytus. The best music rhythm game ever for smartphones
  8. Corootai

    Corootai Well-Known Member

    For me my vote is for ctyus also but other games like tapsonic, osu!, beats, and supersonic HD. For the people who liked AudioSurf on Steam. Beats is the android answer to stepmania as osu! Is to elite beat agents
  9. Curious Mew

    Curious Mew Active Member

    Cytus looks nice, but it is incompatible with many smartphones :( I'd give it a few more years.
  10. madafakaperver

    madafakaperver New Member

    Have u ever try O2jam by MOMO / O2jam Analog? , what about touch2mix,krazyrain battle 2 ? ...they're awesome on androids too :)
  11. Daroth

    Daroth Member

    will try guitar hero too look awesome
  12. JayTheKing

    JayTheKing Active Member

  13. bardox

    bardox New Member

    Sorry! We know this is an old thread but we hope our brand new game fits here :p

    It's called Sound Invaders and it's in Alpha. Our beat detection is very raw (actually the whole game is:rolleyes:) and we have come up with various configurations for it. But the fact is we need your help to finalize it. We would appreciate it if some of you would try it out and tell us what you think (GOOD & BAD!).

    It would be great if we could complete this game in unity (no pun intended). The game is available on <Google Play> and check out https://www.bardox.com to give feedback. We also have a Twitter page, if someone's interested.

    Again, sorry for our necromancy! And we must warn you; we are not graphic designers and our game is far from complete!

    Cheers! :beerglass:

    P.S. it only works for devices with FPUs :(
  14. Airweb

    Airweb New Member

  15. crystalbowr

    crystalbowr New Member

    I can't believe no one has mentioned jubeat (tubeat+, jukebeat, iBoogie) (it's a different name for different phones) it's amazing. YouTube it if you can't find it and don't believe me.

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